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Commitment to donate

Commitment to donate

After reading through a few older threads about donating to this site I’ve decided to set goals and to donate when I reach them. I will donate $100 when I reach 7” bpel then $100 more for each half inch after that. Currently at approximately 6.25” bpel.

It would be great if everyone did at least this much, even the lurkers. How many people, before they found this site, would have gladly paid $100 for an extra inch on their cock? I’m guessing most people would have paid far, far more.

I’ll definitely donate after finding a new job now. I hope a female interviewer would look at bulge and hire me at the spot. Jk

I will donate £85 for each inch I gain in length, so as soon as I hit 6.5 I shall donate it. And for each half inch after £45

When I hit 7 inch with girth I shall donate £150 and smile my MF ass off

With a big IF I hit these measurements

This post holds me accountable

Great idea

Damn. If I gain an inch I’ll donate at least $100. People pay 10k for surgeries that rarely produce the desired result.


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