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Comming up to 7"!

Comming up to 7"!

I had to lay off PE for three days because of a stomach flu. Today I measured and found out I had gained an 1/8” bpel . I measured before resuming the PE’s because I was curious what a three day layoff would do. This after using new techniques and the “proper” way of doing my old routines for three weeks. Now, I’m a solid 6.75 bpel and have re-newed hope of hitting that elusive mark of 7” that I had in my youth. Hell, I’ll take gains anyway I can get them!
Question: I usually am 5 days on and two days off , in my program, and I am wondering about proper rest days. Some, I have read, use three on and one off. Is there a definitive timeline for rest days?

Thank You!!!!!!

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Congratulations! 7 is a great place to be and you will get there!

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There are so many variations of whats acceptable rest levels depending on your body’s particular physiology so I would stick with the 5/2 schedule until its proven not to contribute to gains (not withstanding your routine)…I like to play it by ear since I am so in tune with my own body…

I think a nice early morning erection is a nice indicator that you are not overdoing it.

BTW…Congratulations on nearing 7 :)

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Great going, clawhammer. Two more 1/8ths and you have it.

supersizeit gives you a great tip. Wake up with morning wood and for sure you haven’t worn yourself out. To that I’d only add that if you can get hard after your workout, you haven’t worn it out, either.

I did 5/2 for two years. It always felt completely comfortable in terms of energy expended and relax time.



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