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Commando anyone

Commando anyone

Hey guys.

I normally do my stretching at night right before I go to bed. I have recently had the idea of going commando when I sleep so as to allow for maximum gains. Will this actually affect gains? Is stretching before sleeping a better idea than stretching at other times during the day?

Bpel: 6.57 Eg: 5.5 (26/8/05) Bpel: 6.77 Eg: 5.55 (23/9/05) Bpel: 6.91 Eg: 5.7 (8/10/05) Bpel: 7.06 Eg: 5.8 (23/11/05)

Go here and scroll down to the highlighted words bed or pillow fowfer.

Personally I go commando during the day and pillow fowfer in very loose boxers overnight. In case anyone was curious :mwink:

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Going commando

I recently have gone commando!.

I´ve been into PE for 2 months. I bought theandroo-penis, and after 1 month getting my dick used to it, I now wear the device for 20-22 hours a day.

I decided to do so after reading the post of pillow-fowfers.

I also perform the following routine 1 day every 2 days:

5 min hot wrap

5 min stretches for 30 secs in all angles but putting more stress in Straight and Up angles (My lot is 7 o´clock)

10-15 min jelqinq at 50-60% erection with a moderate grip

5 min hot wrap

During the day I also perform kegels, even wearing the andro-penis, this helps me sometimes to force some blood in my penis, so I don´t have to massage it every 2 hours!.

So far My gains are:

Began on 15/07/2005

NBPEL: 5,11”x4,5”

NBPFL: 3,34”x4”

My current last measure as of 22/09/2005



As you can see most of my gains are reflected in flacid stage!. Almost 1,5” in two months.

I intend to keep this routine and wear the andro-penis 20-22 hours a day to see what results do I get.

My goal is to reach 9x6,5. I´m willing to put as many hours as needed

In order to assist girth gains, I have also order the power-jelq device. I intend in the future to avoid manual stretches and jelq 20 min using this device!.

Time will demonstrate if I can reach my goal!

Originally Posted by roninvr6
… I bought theandroo-penis, and after 1 month getting my dick used to it, I now wear the device for 20-22 hours a day.

what is “theandroo-penis”? I’m game for an ads that I can wear 20-22 hours a day.

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I want to know what commando and pillow fowfer is?

Originally Posted by RockXP
I want to know what commando and pillow fowfer is?

Going commando = wearing no underwear.

Fowfer is sticking your dick between ass chicks, usually while sitting.

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Forget about PE gains.

Commando has been scientifically researched to provide for better sleep, particularly REM sleep, due to better circulation.

Besides, there are only 2 things you should be doing in a bed, sleep is the other one.

Neither of those activities need clothes.

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Andro-penis is the same as the JES-extender!

There is NO WAY could wear the Andro-penis (Jes extender or Eco-extender) for 20 hours! What kind of job do you have where you can sit for 20 hours! The longest I can where it for is up to 30 min before bed.

I never have problems wearing boxers when I sleep, either that or basketball shorts with no boxers…never feel like my buddy is being contained too much.

My Starting Stats July 11, 2005 NBPEL: 6.05 EG: 5.25 NBPFL: 4.15 FG: 4.60 My Goal: NBPEL: 7.00 EG: 6.00

I´ve have a desk job. I stay there from 8:00 Am until 7 Pm, but I continue to wear the device even at my home, and also during night when I sleep, though when I go to bed, usually at around 11:30PM, I tend to loose a little the silicone band because at midnight around 4:00 AM I get asemibonerr!. That boner disturbs me enough to wake me up, but again I proceed to even loose a little more the silicone band that holds the glans in order to not block blood circulation. That way I fall sleep again until 7:00 AM time, that is when I wake up and I am stillsemibonerr, but the apparatus is holding my dick. And my routine starts again.

I only make breaks of five minutes each 4 hours, also 45 minutes two days a week when I make my leg routine in the gym (Torso and arms do not interfiere), and at last, It takes me 15 minutes from my place to my job riding in my motorbike.

I usually increase each three days the lenghts of the bars 3mm each time!. So far I have manage to wear the device between 20-22 hours at day!.

I only make on saturdays a 4 hours pause because I usually go out at night with my friends, but as soon as I return to my place I start all over again ( I think saturdays accounts for the 20 hours day, but the other days is 22 hours. So far I haven´t had problems to conceal the apparatus. Anywayrigntt now I’m sitting with it and is has alenghtt of 5”.


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