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Cloudy Urine

Cloudy Urine

About once a week, I will have cloudy urine for about the last 3 seconds of peeing. In addition to it being cloudy, it also seems like it is.. Heavier, and seems to “drip” out. I use quotations because it’s not quite like dripping, but that’s the best example I can find. Afterwards, my urethra hurts for about 20 mins. Again, this only happens like once a week.

I went to the doctor, and he did a urine sample, and found nothing (of course, I couldn’t repeat the problem). He said it might be related to this mucus/sinus infection I’ve been having lately, or it could be a damaged urethra. All in all, he didn’t seem to comfortable discussing the topic, and even mentioned that it could be a little semen. I didn’t bring up PE.

I have stopped PE. Any ideas if they are related?

P.S. I am not doing my girth exercises too hard, I know because I’m very careful. Could it just be the overall exercise?

And no, it’s not an STD. I’ve only been with 2 women, and they both were clean.

Taking any medications for that sinus infection? That could be the cause also. That flu like sinus infection from hell seems to be the big deal this winter everywhere in the U.S. I had it for most of December. Be careful because just when you think it’s gone, it gets down in your lungs and lingers there. Got relatives and friends all over the states and they all describe the same thing. BTW, I was taken two different antibiotics and tylenol extra strength sinus trying to knock the stuff out. All of which is known to be hard on the prostrate. Yep I sure did piss some evil streams.

Back to cloudy urine. If the Doc did a urinalysis and gave you the all clear I wouldn’t fret it too much. Medications could cause what you describe, as well as a thousand other things. Soaps, Clothes detergents, Diet - too much salt, caffeine, sugars?
We’re not going to diagnose you here any better than your doc did, so you’re going to have to look at other causes.
And yes, squeezing the heck out of your wanker could do the same thing also. Who knows?

Could be semen too. If you don’t clear it out once in awhile, what ever you’re preferred method night be, then nature’s going to do it for you. That’s largely what nocturnal emissions are all about, that and checking the plumbing.

Your doc probably didn’t see it as a concern because he figured you were more than likely worried about it being an STD.
When the test came back clear, ie, no STD, no indications of kidney, liver, prostrate, bladder, etc etc etc problems,
(did they do a full urine work up or just STD’s?) Then he figured you’re okay and you’ll live another day.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

If your doctor gave you good news I wouldn’t worry as much, but if it persists, watch out. You don’t want to have a bladder infection.

To be honest with you, I’m not quite sure exactly what the doctor tested for.. They had me pee in a cup and told me I was fine . Thanks for the reply, I’ll keep ya updated.


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