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Clamping with hand

Clamping with hand

Was wondering if anyone ever tried mild clamping with their hand?

Using an okay grip a the bottom of the shaft and squeezing/clamping and holding for several minutes?

Definitely, I do this all the time, I don’t use an OK grip, its not strong enough. I grab my penis as if I’m jerking off with my right hand, but then take your ring finger and your pinky and put it on the other side of your penis, so your penis is in between your ring finger and your middle finger, you can grip it really well like that.

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2010.02: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-1/2" Beg

2010.06: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-3/4" Beg

Ahh makes sense

What is the time length you do this?

During your jelq sessions or seperate from them?

I don’t know, I actually do this whenever I can for as long as possible, your hand will get tired so you can’t really do it for a full 10 minute set, you can do clamped bends easier with this too as it gives your more flexibility than with a real clamp.

If you don’t have clamps yet and want to get into clamping and use your hand as a clamp, then follow clamping routines, there is a good thread on this. but basically try to do 3 sets of 10 minutes after a good warmup.

2010.02: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-1/2" Beg

2010.06: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-3/4" Beg

Stereomike: Man, you really need to clean up. I’m not coming over for dinner before you do.

Do you mean uli’s?

I use an overhand grip . Ok grip , kegal , clamp . Gets my glans and shaft really well . From there , I can do

flaccid bends and push down on my head to increase the size my the shaft .

This has worked well , in that my girth has increased at the upper end of my dick .

Start Sept. 09 BPEL 5.5"

Now Jan. 14 BPEL 6.6" Goal 7.5 "x 6"

Improving my Best Friend in 3 Dimensions.

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