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Clamping Injury.

Clamping Injury.

I’ve been jelqing for over 3 years doing hard jelqs for about 2 and never ran into any form of penis problem or injury. I started clamping because I can gain length nicely but girth has been harder. I clamped for my first weak easing in doing 5 minute sessions but being able to attain a hard erection. I stopped if I got too dark or any spots form. Well spots only formed once and I stopped that day, and I didn’t try again for 3 days. I noticed that when I did want to try again I ran into a problem because I could easily Kegel my penis into a big thick state before and now I can’t my penis doesn’t get as girthy as before, so I thought take a week and a half break and I did. Well I was jelqing and I was doing my average hard jelq and I got more dark spots on the head of my penis, not red little spots on the shaft but dark ones on my head like before w/ clamping. And I couldn’t believe it because I have never had them before clamping. So have I really just hurt my penis where I need to take 2-3 weeks off of PE all together or have I done something more. My penis just seems like it can’t fill out flaccid or erect like it used to, I’m running 5 inch girth erection when I used to have 5.3 inches when I could hold the kegel. Just take a break or what?

Yes, it sounds like you shouldn’t beat up your penis anymore. You’re waiting for your penis to become dark and spotty - it’s certainly not something I would do, even though I’ve never clamped. You should encourage your penis to grow, not force it.

About a routine you should do, I don’t know. I am not that experienced with this, but I would certainly take a break and see if something happens. If your spots are still there, then it’s nothing (that I know) that you can do about it. It’s the same with me, my glans is slightly discolored. Waited, and it was still there. My girlfriend didn’t care about it (it’s very vague discoloration), so I got over it. Now I take it very easy, and I think I’m doing fine so far.

Just take it easier and build up (no pun intended). And it doesn’t care if you are conditioned for the hardest excersises (like Extreme Uli), a conditioned penis isn’t invincible.

And please divide your text into paragraphs - it’s very hard to read that much text without any spaces. Thanks. :)

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Try doing regular jelqs, by manual or device, and do 50 kegels, 50 sec hard pc squeeze, 50 kegels before bed.

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