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Circumcision Surgery


Why are we even having this discussion ? Do you have earlobes cut off because your ears MAY get infected ? You remove a very large amount of skin and nerve endings when getting this procedure done. To find out more simply type in Circumcision into your web browser and read the effects of this surgery paying special attention to the botched ones ! Read about the infant who got wound infection and ended up having all the skin removed from the pubic area, his scrotum and part way down his thighs, then tell me you will have your sons ‘snipped’. Read about the Dr who decided it would be quicker and easier to use a diathermy device on a newborn infant and had it set way too high. He cauterised the entire penis off then convinced the parents it would be best to ’ change him into a girl !’ FFS !! How deranged is that ? If it ain’t broke DON’T fix it ! You do not have ANY unnecessary parts. Everything we have we need, including that other little dude, your appendix ! This operation is becoming less popular in the US due to successful court action by some men who sought compensation from doctors who perform this procedure, thereby sending insurance premiums through the roof. Are you aware over 300 male infants die every year in the US from botched circumcisions ? How do the doctors explain that to the parents ? Patrick.

Just when I thought I was fine with my uncut penis here comes another thread.

Well I personally hate my uncut penis. I’m always hiding it in the locker room and even when I’m taking a piss. It really lowers my sexual confidence and I’m always trying to make sure that no chick sees it. In the US, especially in the Midwest, it’s very UNCOMMON to be uncut.

Also, PE exercises SHOULD be easier cut. Now I can’t say this for sure but I’m assuming so. Sometimes I end up stretching only my foreskin and not the actual penis which is not what I want.

I’m also considering the surgery if my insurance will cover it. My only gripe is this: the penis takes 6 weeks to heal which means no PE for 6 weeks. I think I’d die if I didn’t PE for 6 weeks. Seriously it’s become an obsession. I’m thinking I’ll get my dick up to six inches which I’ll be completely confident with and THEN I’ll get the surgery. I’m at 5.5 rite now btw so that will probably be a good 3 or 4 months I’d say.

In the end, it’s all your decision. If your 100 percent secure with your penis, then don’t worry about it. If you’re in any way insecure about your penis, you OWE it to yourself to get the surgery done. Making yourself feel better and being more confident in yourself does not have a price tag.

Dance, puppets! Dance!

-Borat, did not mastermind this arguement

Start (12-01-06): 7.5" PBEL 5.5" EG

I am not secure at all! I hate been uncut, I think my penis looks smaller and ugly because of that, but to be sincere I have so much scare about surgery, Guys any idea of price in the US??

I want more opinions, hehehe these two last guys really scare me off! Thanks for your opinions!

Confidence doesn’t come from your penis alone. Don’t be worried about what other guys think, because nine times out of ten they’re probably hoping nobody looks at them either. Someone always has a bigger, better, nicer penis. Some let that get them down, others use that to propel them to PE masters. Sure it helps to have the “perfect penis” or whatever, but lets get back to reality. If you want an uncut penis so badly, try pulling the foreskin back and training it to stay behind your glans. If I wanted to get cut and heard that a bunch of babies are left scarred and sometimes DIE because due to getting their foreskin lopped off, whether or not that’s true or not, it would be enough to scare me away.

Whenever a gf asks me ‘do I look good in this’ I am my usual truthful self. “No one cares how you look; they are only concerned with how they look”. Your dick is the same. Cut/uncut; no one else gives a toss. Except you.

If you want to get it done, do it. The risks are smaller than for almost any other operation, despite the scare-mongering. Of course some operations go wrong, but it’s a tiny percentage and far safer than the ‘tribal’ circumcisions carried out all the time all over the world. If I hadn’t needed to have my foreskin removed I would have happily had it for life. I did need to have it cut, so I did it. I have been perfectly happy with the results. Your call.

It’s a subject people seem to get passionate about - if they had it done at birth they were ‘mutilated’ and wish they hadn’t had it done - if they didn’t have it done they feel like the odd-one out if all their mates are cut. I live in a culture where almost no-one is cut, except me.

It really doesn’t matter. If you are unhappy with your dick now, you will be still be unhappy with it when it’s when it’s circumcised. One of my favourite quotes comes from Maxwell Maltz book ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’: he has done a nose job on a woman and asks her “how do you like your new, beautiful nose?”. She replies “I still feel ugly”.

Do it or don’t do it, but be damn sure it’s what you really want before you do it, and decide you will be happy with the result afterwards because you can’t go back.


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