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Circumcision decrease in sensitivity

Circumcision decrease in sensitivity

I’ve been circumcised from a very young age and have recently been wondering whether I am missing out on any sexual pleasure from it because I have heard that you loose allot of nerve endings reducing sexual pleasure, so I thought this would be the best place to ask. Has anyone that has been circumcised in there adult life noticed any decrease in sensitivity?

I am circumsised, have been from a very young age, too. But I’ve heard that you loose 2/3 of your sensation. Seems like alot. But if you haven’t experienced something, you don’t miss it. :) That’s how I think about this.

And I don’t think your orgasms become weaker, but the road to them gets longer.

I’m not circumcised but had a problem when I was younger with premature ejaculation. I read that a really easy way to get over this was to pull foreskin back and wear your jeans without boxers/underwear, this leaves the head of your penis rubbing against your rougher than underwear denim whilst walking & moving about and helping to desensitise the head of your penis. I tried it and low and behold after about a week it was great - it felt a bit uncomfortable the rubbing sensation initially but I soon got used to it till it faded anyway. Then I noticed this desensitization (dunno how you spell that!) gave me excellent staying power wiv the ladies - still sensitive enough to really enjoy sex, plus wiv the extremely improved confidence of being able to last as long as I wanted as oppose to previously where my over sensitive cock would decide when I came (usually within a couple of mins!) - result.

Sorry I know this is probably of no use to you MAR123 but it might help them guys feeling suicidal cos they can’t last very long in bed and feel suicidal and avoid it altogether - like I was until I gave that a shot and havent looked back since!

I’ve posted about this many times in the past. Some women also prefer uncircumcised penis for pleasure during sex. It’s out there just do a search.

Wantsomemore, your spelling is atrocious :) I hope they (moderators) don’t hit you too hard.

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How do you keep the foreskin back when you’re walking around all day with no boxers? Seems like it would just naturally go back into it’s place.

The foreskin will eventually stay retracted. Pull it back every time you urinate.

I was going to get circumsized cause I had some problems with the skin ripping slightly when I first started having sex. But I’m glad I kept it cause my girl whos only ever had circumsized before says for her uncircumsized is a lot better.

I don’t think you miss out a lot. I’m not circumcise but my penis is sensitive, when ever I had sex or masturbate, I reach the climax a bit too fast. I guess that the bad thing about being not circumcise.

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