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Choking a Rubber Chicken

Choking a Rubber Chicken

Hi everybody,

I am not really a newbie to PE. I did some jelqing 4-5 years ago and it worked fairly well. I gained some fractions of an inch, which lasted some weeks or months. Then, as life and work demanded more time, I stopped the routines, and the penis shrunk a little and went back to it’s normal size, which was still okay with me. But I now seem to have weird PE limitations, and I am seeking advice.

The penis does not increase in size from any reasonable routine that I tried recently. Not even temporarily. I tried jelqing, uli, erect bends, ballooning, and pumping. The best that I can get is a penis that feels full, happy, sensitive, and easily arousable. But that’s about all I get. Even after prolonged PE sessions it never becomes bigger and exceeds the regular measurements that I normally get without doing any PE.

I wanted to try clamping, but could not come up with a more comfortable clamp than my own hands. I did not want any injury from a clamp, so I will be sticking with uli for now. I did pumping at 5-6 in-Hg, also with no temporary gains. Weird.

It’s as if my penis is as hard as the famous rubber chicken we all once tried to eat and could not easily chew. It is hard and just springs back to it’s original shape and size as soon as the pressure is removed. What can I do? How could I make my penis more pliable, more dilated?

Thanks in advance.

When did you start your new routine? Did you advance from the newbie routine to these increasingly more difficult exercises, or did you jump right into them? My best guess is that you are not properly warming up, and you have not worked your unit into a pliable state through conditioning. But then again, that is all I can surmise from what information you provided.

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It’s exactly this “pliable state” that I can’t seem to be able to achieve.

I know exactly what this state is like. It used to be that if I do not ejaculate for more than 4-5 days my dick would start swelling up by itself, as if I had been jelqing, and I would be in that pliable state 24/7, and I would be all hot and unable to sleep at night. Now my penis is just more or less in it’s normal state all the time. Not pliable.

Hot wraps or rice socks get it warmed up, but they do not seem to make it pliable. After 3-4 minutes the penis is back to it’s original normal warm temperature, although with a fresh blood inside. I still do warm-ups, but I am not noticing positive effects from them. Only negative effects, like occasional aches and strains, if I occasionally do not warm up enough. No instant pliable magic happens from warm-ups for me.

My penis is most full and close-to-being-pliable in the morning if I wake up with a good morning erection. This is when I try to do my PE routines.

I did the newbie routine 4-5 years ago. It worked well back then. I know how it should and how it shouldn’t feel. But it hasn’t worked for me this year (for the last last 4 months). After the newbie routine I also tried erect bends, uli, and pumping. These exercises open up my arteries, make the veins pop up, and make the penis feel good, full and healthy. But after weeks and weeks of those routines I haven’s seen any growth, or even a lasting swelling at all because my penis has never got into that pliable state that you are talking about.

Is there any other penis conditioning out there besides the hot wraps and rice socks?

Cornholio, take a look at this link:

Fowfers and bed fowfers.

I do the tuck throughout a PE session to rewarm whenever I start to lose pliability.
Other posts have mentioned using a heat lamp during a PE session to keep it warm.
Good luck.

Thanks, guys. I read a lot of posts in the forum today and it seems that my experience is fairly typical. The plateau. The choices that I have are more deep heat, like the infrared lamp, and slowly start clamping.


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