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Chat revisited?


Originally Posted by Naked Tomato
That is a splendid idea Beepalot! An alternate, more economical way to bridge the gap and bring pumpers together. *Stars in eyes* Oh, it’ll showcase the miracles of PE brotherhood! I daresay, this is the beginning of new era in brotherly communion.

Yay! Hugs. :D

:) I would have set it up by now, but I think it requires a static host, and I turn my computer off at night. This is when most of you lot are on :/

I did 1 jelq, why am I not 12" yet.

On hiatus

Would love a spot where we can all chat on PE

Technology has advanced since this post. Who’s down for a live stream? I’ve seriously debated streaming my workouts on a cam whore site and collecting tips. Maybe even do a screen share so people can see me play games while a picture in picture shows me pumping.

I would be down to schedule a time and do a google hangouts style cam meet up. We can talk about techniques, equipment, and just shoot the shit. I haven’t researched venues but I’m sure there’s plenty out there. We could do this from our smartphones nowadays


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