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Changing Tension

Changing Tension

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post. I have been doing PE on an off for the last couple of years. I started really doing it aggressively several months ago. I made a goal to go 6 hours a day with a noose setup that I designed on my own. In it’s most basic description I pull the penis downward and wrap a cord around my leg. The cord is threaded through a piece of tubing that tightens snugly behind the head of my penis. It works great in being able to conceal the traction of my penis under my pants, it usually holds well; however sometimes it does slip. I have noticed some gains mostly in my flaccid size, but there has been an increase of about .25 in my erections.

Anyway, I had an idea that was sparked by one of the forums I read here at one time. I read something related to the idea that healing of the penis should happen while the penis is in traction. My thought was could lessening the tension for periods of time, yet keeping the penis still in slight traction help the cells to heal and elongate quicker. Some have shared that sometimes less is more.

I thought I might start trying something like the following schedule for a routine:

2 hours with high traction (I have no way of measuring but pull as far as I can within reason)
1 hour of low traction (penis is still being pulled about half of the tension strength

I wanted to get others thoughts on the subject to see if anyone had experimented with something like this for a routine.

Hi Johnn54321!
I have to bought Penimaster extender and I am waiting for it to arrive. I think the best way is to monitor and frequently measure the penis. Trying different ways of PE in one to two months periods. To variate the tension is, in my way of reasoning, the right way to think. But do it in a small way. I myself am going to mix up the extender with doing jelqs at midday and using the extender before and after approx. 8 - 10 hours a day. As Memento writes in several posts. For gains to happen with an extender takes at least 1000 hours of using it. So be patient and use the extender with consistency and try to blend in some manual jelqing. Memento also gave me the advice to let the penis rest 30 mines before and after the jelqing and I will certainly try that to begin with.

The main thing and the truth being told by the more experienced guys here on the forum is that PE and gains are EXTREMELY individual. Each guy and his penis reacts different to PE. So the only way of telling how you should do is to monitor, measure and FEEL. Only you can find out how you do the best training for your penis to gain size. / Regards Soulmedeep

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