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Captain arrrrrrr!!

Captain arrrrrrr!!

Captain Hook or any other Wench user:

I use the wench everyday without pain on my unit, but it has been a long journey searching for a way to hang without head coldness. I am currently about 2 months into serious hanging and am at 15 lbs. I don’t know if i rushed into that much weight, but I can take it. No gains yet, just beginner gains from jelqing. So I was wondering, jelqing caused my dick to be nice and warm and stretched, and I got good gains. Would hanging for 20 min sets with a cold head for about 15 minutes limit gains, or does it just take more time, than 2 months, to start seeing gains from hanging. I know that everyone is different but I just want to know if I’m doing anything wrong to limit my gains. Also, two more questions. Is it common when you unwrap your wrap after hanging your dick becomes engorged(fat)? And, how do some of you guys prevent slippage of the wench over your head?

"Nothing to lose, but everything to GAIN!" Current Stats: NBPEL: 7" EG: 5 3/4"

I doubt that the temperature of your glans would in any way affect gains. If you do not already use heat to compliment your routine I recommend a nuked rice sock for the first half of every set, no heat for the final set.

It has been my experience that after unwrapping my unit he just lies there in a very sorry state as if to say “Why are you doing this to me?” I usually dry jelq him out of his stupor for about a minute or two. Maybe someone else has experienced this engorgement you speak of. For some reason I don’t see this as a bad sign.

I have never had a problem with slippage using my Wench (I use a small strip of Theraband) but there have been plenty of posts detailing techniques guys have come up with: Varying the amount of wrap, using various materials, bunching wrap ahead of the device, using an alternative clamping method, doubling up their clamps, trimming the size of their Wench, and even a mild jelqing session before hanging. One member wraps and attaches his Wench while erect and then lets his engorgement subside before hanging as a way to prevent slippage. Look around via a search and experiment a bit. A little effort will go far and who knows, you might discover something worth sharing.

As for seeing no gains I don’t think anyone could say with any certainty what the issue is. A few details about your routine would shed some light.


Thanks Cap for the reassurance.

"Nothing to lose, but everything to GAIN!" Current Stats: NBPEL: 7" EG: 5 3/4"

Make sure you aren’t wrapping to tight, this was my main problem with cold head. You wrap alot looser than you think is possible.

Think about it this way, the wrap is just there as a barrier between the hanger and your skin(the wrap isn’t suppose to be used as the anchor, the tightness of the hanger on the sides of your penis is). Make sure you get the hanger tight on the sides, sounds like you hadn’t found the sweet spot between how much wrap and clamp clicks. I still hadn’t got it perfect, but much closer than I was. Actually, I only do one wrap now and it is with about a 13” piece of Latex glove(was using sweat cloth then latex).

Hope this was part of your problem and it helps.


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