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Can't stretch at all


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Originally Posted by poiuytrewq24uk
I’ve got a lot of skin, I’m uncut but the base is also very skin packed. I get pain under glans if I stretch, obviously that’s where I pull.

I feel Like I didn’t grow properly during puberty as I have other issues that suggest this, plus my bro has a bigger package overall and none of the symptoms I have EG being weak no muscle mass etc. You would think one would grow since age 15 but mine didn’t and if anything it’s probably smaller.

I actually believe a good hormone therapy and lig cut will release about two inches cause my girth is quite big but something has definitely stunted the length.

If you’ve over 20 now I can’t see how hormone therapy would help.

By the way how much have you gained? Because after a while the penis does toughen up through PE and to me it feels now like my penis doesn’t have much ‘give’ in it these days. I’d just try some hardcore stretching, add in some V/A Stretches using a fulcrum then maybe hang if you fancy that.

If your penis is more rigid and doesn’t want to stretch so easily maybe it’s that cord / tunica hardening causing it. In which case the fulcrum idea sounds like a good option to me. I’d definitely start off applying heat then doing it for 10-15 minutes a day for the first month as well as like 200 jelqs everyday and see if you gain anything in that month. I think you probably will if you put good effort in.


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