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Can't Jelq

Can't Jelq

Some background info:
I am on and off PE for a past few years though it was mostly jelqs and nothing else and never regular. Used to do fast jelqs on a fair erection level of 75-85% earlier. Used to do about two three sets of 100 such repetitions in one go. The quality of erection was very good and I think I did gain a bit, it cannot be quantified as I had never really measured anything. Another thing, I am uncut and now possess a fairly thick foreskin and outer skin on my penis which can be easily stretched. Possibly an after effect of jelqing as I read in this forum.

Current issue:
For the first time I am giving PE a serious thought and have luckily joined this place which hoists invaluable information on the subject. I read about the newbie routine and have started doing it for the past week 2 days on and 2 days off to start with. I am cool with the stretches and doing it ‘the right way’ for the first time in my life having seen the pics and read about it in the forum here. However when it comes to jelqing I face some problem.

I am doing dry jelq and use just one hand at a time in a milking motion on my shaft for a full three seconds at about 60-70% erection level. Currently using this I am not able to more than 20 jelqs at a time and I need to slap the shaft to get the circulation going and getting it back to 60% erection before I can do another set of 20. I do squeeze the shaft hard while jelqing. I am concerned at the loss of erection while jelqing especially when people say they jelq in 100s of repetition at a time.

Help would be appreciated!

Well, it seems that maybe you ought to ease up on the pressure you’re using. Also consider doing wet-jelqs as they’re probably more suited for a newbie.

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Some people find that dry jelqing causes erections to fade. Personally the oppositeh happens for me, wet jelqs make me lose erection and dry jelqs build it. It’s nothing to worry about, just masturbate back up to 60-80% and start again.

As clgp7 said, wet jelqing is better for a newbie

Ok yep looks like pressure is the culprit will try to go easy on it. Let me also read up more on wet jelqing. BTW is this common or am I am exception,got real scared!

You can also close your eyes and imagine if you feel your erection subsiding.

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