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Can JELQ/Stretching damage Sperm Duct?

Can JELQ/Stretching damage Sperm Duct?

Hello everyone,

PLEASE,,, ADVICE, I am a little worried. I just started some of the PE rutines. While doing JELQ, I may have applied too strong a grip. If my hand pressure was too strong and I grip too high at the base of my penis near the top of my testicles, can it cause any damage to the sperm duct? I am a little concerned about the danger of impotence.

So far I have read JELQ exercises could cause blood capilaries to burst, but can it damage the sperm duct?

Also does the stretching exercises by pulling on the glands of the penis pose any danger of impotence.

Please advice. Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

I haven’t heard any reports of that anywhere.

|but can it damage the sperm duct?|

The sperm ducts are quite hardy but they are surrounded by nerves and vessels, you can certainly hurt yourself if you go at it hard but permanent damage is unlikely. If you feel tender around that area and it persists beyond a couple of days take some time out.

|Also does the stretching exercises by pulling on the glands of the penis pose any danger of impotence.|

There are lots of people here who’ve blamed stretching on an inability to gain erections at one point in time or another.

When stretching you need to make sure your grip is comfortable and that you aren’t putting pressure on the top of the penis behind the glans. The top of the penis is generally more susceptible to damage.

Try to use an overhand OK grip and pressure the sides of the penis.

Take care when you are starting out on PE, within 2 months you will know your penis a great deal more intimately and you will be better able to judge what is good and what is bad.

Thank you very much. I will be more cautious and treat PE with respect.

One question about JELQ, near the base of my penis, there seems to be a harder bulge (~0.5 inches) which diminish as I milk down along the shaft. Is this harder bulge on the base of my penis ligaments?


Where is this bulge? Or do you mean the bulge ahead of your grip in the shaft??

It is slightly harder and thicker at the base of the shaft. This hard bulge at the base only measures a short length about 0.5 inches. After this hard area, it immediately drops down and become equal till the head (glands of the penis). Just wondering whether this hard sensation I feel while performing JELQ at the base of the shaft is a collection of ligaments. Sorry if my questions sounds silly, but I am very new to PE. Thanks.

There are no silly questions. Well maybe there are but that’s not one.

OK there are basically 2 sets of ligaments fundiform and suspensory. The suspensory ligaments are the ones that keep your penis facing up when it’s erect and the fundiform are more about keeping it nicely attached at the base. The suspensory ligaments attach to the pubic bone area and the topside bit of the penis and the fundiform attach above the pubic bone and then wrap around the base of the penis.

There are lots of nice pictures here and lots of text in Spanish. These pics are around in the forum in English threads but I’m not sure where exactly. Check out graphic 2 it’s in English.

So yes you could be feeling the ligaments but you must have soft and delicate hands certainly a lot more sensitive than mine. I could never feel that when jelqing.

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