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Can I just stretch and not Jelq.

Can I just stretch and not Jelq.

I was wondering if just stretching will hinder my gains? I just want length so can I just stretch? I have came to this conclusion because last night while wet jelqing my meatus actually tore and bleed a drop because of all of the pressure on the head. Obviously I wouldn’t want this to happen again! Also has this happened to anyone else

Hm, if your unit actually tore maybe, just maybe ;) , you overdid it WAY TOO MUCH.
But since you had that injury already.. Don’t do anything that put similar stress on your dick.
In other words: Don’t do jelqing, clamping, etc.. Anything that raises the pressure in your unit.

Stretching may be ok, depending on how deeply injured it is… I’d lay off PE totally for -say- one to two weeks.

And yeah, I had that happen to me.. It was going like this:
Did some strong pressure jelqing, followed up by clamping to keep my unit inflated.
After that did some manual clamping while jerking off => A dark spot on my unit’s head showed up (and did so after I removed it again.. and again.. AKA blood spilled out).
Took me two to three weeks until I felt it’s safe to do some pressure-inducing PE again.

On the topic of overdoing PE: May I kindly remind you that PE is a marathon, not a sprint? :)
PE is to _encourage_ growth, NOT FORCE IT :)

Good luck on your healing (and hopefully gains after the extended healing break),


Guys I am telling you, I was just manual jelqing nothing crazy. My head is 6 1/2 around and always get SUPER inflated when I jelq so this time it expanded so much my “piss hole” tore just a tiny bit. This was the cause for worry. I am trying to figure out a way for my head not to become so huge while jelqing.

I’ve had a tear in my urethra or “piss hole” before. There was a drop of blood. There are a few threads on it here. Its no big deal, just wait a few days. When I got mine I was jelqing at a very high erection level. Was that the case for you too? If so just try to jelq with a lower erection.


I don’t think that manual stretching only will hinder length gains.


Originally Posted by deluxe

I don’t think that manual stretching only will hinder length gains.


You mean girth gains?

Manual stretching alone will not give you the gains that a stretch/jelq combo will.

Use a different grip and avoid pressure on the corpus spongiosum. Try RB’s method which avoids the CS altogether.


No, I mean length gains since Killit’s only interested in length gains I.e. Performing only stretching exercises will not hinder his length gain; however it will not enhance girth gains.



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