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Can anyone help me

Can anyone help me

It’s my first time to post here.. First of all I envy you guys, you problem your penis size that is minimum of 5 inch unlike me..

My problem is my penis size is too small, my erection length was almost 4” 1/2 and the girth was like a 2 finger. This is the thing that always bother me, I’m an asian guy that has no confident on my self, although my wife doesnt complaint about this, I know deep inside her she needs to be happy.

Is there anything that can I do? I tried to do “jelqing” but I can’t do it because of the size. Can someone give me advice what to do and step by step for increasing my penis size and girth.

Thank you.

Hi Ricky. I don’t think the size is much of a problem for jelqing. There is a guy here who started with 3.5” in length, he got 6” through several years
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Have faith in yourself.

Ya 4.5inches is big enough to jelq , also try stretches there good for length gains. It also takes time. I once read somewhere online that a girl posted ” a inch of tongue is worth a yard of cock” lol So you can always try that ,plus women have a better change at getting a orgasm thru oral then penis and vagina action.

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

Thank you sir for reply.. Your recomendation for me is continue jelqing? I will make this every day. Thank you


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