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Broken blood vessel.

Broken blood vessel.

I just finished my PE for tonight (I’m still on the newbie routine) and it looks like I broke a blood vessel. A small dark purple spot about the size of a pencil eraser is halfway up my shaft. It doesn’t hurt.

Should I still wait for it to heal completely before continuing PE or can I just lay off the jelqing and continue with my kegels and stretches? What about heat too?

Kegels, hot wraps and rest.

When you start back up again, use soft jelqs - if it’s comes back, rest longer :)

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

While you are new, you can’t afford to take risks. After experience, you will learn what is serious and what can be worked through.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Start doing the Fire Goat Roll right away, it helped me immensely last time I got on of these, and then just try some gentle, Cheeva-style jelqing the next few days. In my experience there is generally no need for a complete layoff from jelqing, you just have to adjust the intensity a bit.

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I do not know about this Fire Goat Roll, but in my experience resting is the best solution. It will only get worse, if you continue with your routine. Good luck!

The red spots will disappear in time. It’s like sobering up, the only way to truly sober up is time. There is nothing wrong with red spots. They are only broken blood vessels under the skin. When you jelq you stretch and burst these blood vessels. I personally get them every time I jelq. It’s nothing to worry about and they will go away with time. The bigger the spot the more time it will take to heal. Typically within 24 to 36 hours I always see mine disappear. Happy Stretching! :)


Thanks everyone for their input and advice. God knows I need it.

I will decide later today on how to proceed. Kegels and hot wraps seem like a must. I’m still debating if I will try some fire goat rolls or light jelqing.

I will say that it isn’t the small red spots, as I have experienced those before, and I know they are no big deal. It is one spot directly over a vein, very dark in color, not red, more like dark purple, still no pain just a bit odd. In fact the color look like Airshy’s 3 year gains pic

So the broken blood vessel that looked like a blood blister turned out to be a positive PI!!

I started my normal workout and everything felt fine. As I progressed through my session I felt great and continued with some good jelqing, and even added some manual clamping where I noticed some very nice engorgement!!

I may end up getting a bib hanger cause no matter the stretching I’ve been doing I can’t seem to get that really good STRETCH feeling in my ligaments.

Oh ya, the spot is now fading :)

I too have a small dark purple spot about halfway up my shaft. It doesn’t hurt. Is right above a group of veins. I did lowered my pressure while jelqing, but it’s been over two weeks now and is still there..

Should I be concern?

Take some days off, Asso.

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