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Briefs underwear - restrict penis growth?

Briefs underwear - restrict penis growth?

The notion that tight (IE: briefs) underwear limit the growth of the penis and/or sperm is something I’ve seen speculated about a lot over the internet, but there doesn’t seem to be much helpful info about it. On the one hand, saying that briefs/tight-fitting underwear hurt the pubescent growth of the penis (or at least hinder adult PE) could be a moral panic, but the naysayers (who often include something saying penis size doesn’t matter at all- you see those types a lot on Yahoo answers) aren’t convincing either.

Is it possible for tight underwear to limit growth during puberty? I am well out of puberty now, but wore briefs my entire life, so I’m wondering if this might have had a irreversible negative effect on my dick during the pubescent growth stage.

Beyond that- what are your thoughts with regards to underwear? Has anyone had better luck with PE and EQ wearing a looser alternative (boxers etc)?


Not wearing underwear was the first thing that helped me gain a larger flaccid.

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Originally Posted by Aetius
…Is it possible for tight underwear to limit growth during puberty?…

No. Cellular growth can easily occur past the mild restriction of underwear to the extent of your genetic potential.

Originally Posted by Aetius
Beyond that- what are your thoughts with regards to underwear? Has anyone had better luck with PE and EQ wearing a looser alternative (boxers etc)?


Possibly a better flaccid hang and a more positive psychological boost.

I wear relatively tight briefs. Not compression tight, but enough to hold everything in place. I can tell you that it has had no ill effect on the progress I’ve made.

And as a side note, the multiple threads you have started with questions have all been asked and answered. You can find basically all the information you need with the search button.

The tight briefs are the worst. I thrown them all out. I now wear a boxer brief hybrid..dont know the exact name. It doesnt restrict me at all and I can hang.
No elastic garn just the cotton one is the best.

I love togo commando but I hate when I get sweaty and its all in the trousers. I always worry to have a wet spot on my ass lol

As a PE pro ;) , you should wear some sort of ADS / ADC down the road which is hard to do with briefs.

I have big, low hanging balls that need support. It is not uncommon for me to take a piss while wearing briefs and pull out my dick at about 5-6x5. I am not interested in any more length anyway.

My point is that with my personal experiences, it does not matter what kind of underwear you prefer. Be comfortable. It won’t prohibit gains.


I had to wear tighty-whities as a teen. It was parent enforced. I found them to be quite uncomfortable. I had a rather large unit even in jr hi school.

I not prefer to go commando unless I am in dress clothes. It is then that I wear a modified boxer brief as someone else mentions above. I were a brand made in Brazil. They are very comfortable.

I much prefer the freedom provided going commando as my flaccid size is around 6 inches.


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I wore tighty whiteys until I was about 15. I then switched to boxers, and my dick had a growth spurt. But I think this spurt can be attributed to my compulsive pulling/jelqing that I did every time I took a piss during those years than to wearing tighy whiteys. Still, I think wearing them did more harm than good, especially when I think about all those erections that I had that were restricted by that tight fucking underwear…

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