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Boom Hi guys

Boom Hi guys

I’ve been casually PEing for like.. A year now? - But I’m taking it more seriously now I have an “ADS” to assist my manual work.

I dunno how I stumbled upon it, I think there was this interesting programme (in the UK) called “Extreme male beauty” and the jelq was mentioned on there. The presenter/guinea pig jelq(you?)ed a lot for 2 weeks and measured the results (and there were some!) So research on the Internet landed me here. Amazing.

Anyway, I’ve followed the newbie routine, and then mixed it up a bit really.

I tend to do certain thing depending on the situation but I could summarise my workout as follows:

600 slow flaccid jelqs
10 minute stretch in the morning

(In shower or on way to shower)

Then whenever I urinate, the standard “piss pulls” come out. A/V and then sideways versions of the said stretch, probably for about 30 seconds each way, but as intense as I can.
And masturbation, which as I’m single does happen, erect jelqing there too!

Also, as of Tuesday I have a JES-stretcher (without the noose thing) which I thought I could wear for a few hours a day when I’m studying at home/reading in bed etc. Etc. (Started at 40mins, and trying to get to 8 hours within 2 weeks)
Once permitted I will start a progress report

I’m pretty tall, about 190cm and a bit of a bodybuilder so my average unit looks reasonably dwarfed by the rest of my body! I’m not that hung up about results, I know it takes time, so I don’t see the point stressing about it. I would prefer to measure myself and be pleasantly surprised, than obsessed and frequently disappointed.

So my starting stats were:

BPEL:18.0 (7”1)
NBPEL:15.6 (6”1)
B-EG: 13.5 cm (5”2.5)
M/S-EG 14.0 (5”4)
G-EG: 11.0 (4”25)

And after newbie:
7.375 BPEL
The remainder the same.

If you have any opinions for improvement, I’m more than up for suggestions, obviously!

600 jelqs for anybody is a bit excessive. I would put the cut off at 300 three or four days a week if you are also using an extender. Follow the noon routine to a t for a while until you get your routines down then you can move on to more advanced routines. Push it too fast and you might end up n the injury and rehab thread.


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