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Blood out my urethral opening!

Blood out my urethral opening!

So I’ve been PE’ing since 1-30-07, doing the newbie routine first and switching to Mem’s routine once I stopping seeing gains. I’ve been doing this routine for about two weeks, 5 days on Mon-Fri and then Sat/Sun as my rest days.

I did my assisted inverted v-stretch this morning as usual, but after warming up and 4 minutes of my afternoon jelqing, I look down and see blood dripping from my urethra! Naturally I stopped and washed my member off and it seems the bleeding has stopped. Anyone else ever have experience like this? How serious does this sound? I’m perplexed as to why this happened because I just got off two days of rest, plus I always start the first 5 minutes of jelqing nice and easy. This leads me to believe something happened while doing the morning stretches.

Needless to say, I’m going to take the week off and start back slowly next week. It’s so disheartening because I’ve had some nice gains from this routine so far…I was pumped until this happened! Oh well, gotta bounce back next week I guess.

One last note, I started trying Vita K to decrease discoloration as per this thread. I only started yesterday, and I doubt the cream penetrates all the way to the urethra. My limited research into vitamin K hasn’t revealed anything that would cause this, but it is really the only thing I’ve changed with my PE. Thoughts are welcome!

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You can easily do a search on that one. Like “blood+urethra.” But here’s one for starters posted by one of our Vet/Mods, who experienced the same thing, using a different routine.



Thanks for the links guys. I’ll search harder next time.


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