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Bigger BP gains than NBP gains

Bigger BP gains than NBP gains

I have been doing PE for about 6 months now. Over that period of time I have gained a considerable amount of length, but no girth.

My starting NBP length was 5.5 inches, and now my NBP length is ~6.1 inches. That’s a 0.6 inch gain in NBP length.

I never measured BP before I started, so I have no idea what it was. I would guess it was about 6.0 inches exactly. Now my BP length is 7.0 inches exactly (perhaps closer to 7.1”).

Over the last two months I had a 0.5 inch gain in BP length, while only gaining ~0.1-0.2 inches in NBP length. Does this make sense to anyone? I make sure to press the ruler in as hard as possible when measuring BP length, so that I reduce that variable as much as possible.

Also, any tips on gaining girth? I’m pretty content with my rate of gaining length, but I have stayed pretty much the same with girth. I’ve returned to a modified newbie routine (dries and wets and a couple holds) after doing some pretty intense stuff which gave me poor EQ.

Have you gained any weight? Because when you measure bone pressed, all you really are doing is measuring what your penis length would be if you didn’t have any fat.

Yes, it is quite normal. Sometimes one can get an inch BP and almost nothing in NBP. Something about your penis exit point lowering. I can’t remember what it was exactly.

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