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big vessel

big vessel

When I jelq it looks like a vessel or something is trying to explode. I am not adding all that much pressure either, it is located right at the bottom left and I do not want to blow it out. Should i be worried?

Jelqing puts the penis under stress, the only thing I can ask is does it hurt? If not then I don’t think there should be a problem, but use caution because you only have one penis. I know when I am jelqing, some of the veins in my unit look like they are about to pop, but I take it nice and slow. The trick is to know your unit and listen to it, if it says stop and rest…do it. Does this help at all?

Ill try it out, no it does not hurt at all there is just a bulging vein or something on the bottom and I try and take it easy, thanks.


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