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Big gainers.

Calling big gainers.

I was just wondering how much vets are gaining and how long it took.
In some signatures I’ve seen lots of big big gains, but not knowing how long they’ve been I was just wanted to know how long it took some of the long time p.e.ers to gain and how much they’ve gained.

I was just curious and it would do wonders for my determination.

Thanks guys.

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I gained 0.5” erect length in my first month of PE (July) though it wasn’t even a very good month of PE. August fell off because of vacation and leisure. September has rolled around and I was afraid that I may have lost my initial gain. Turns out that while I was vacationing in August I’d still keep up my stretching off and on (like in the restroom/shower/etc) and that was actually enough to keep my gains from disappearing. After a measurement in September, it looks like I still have that 0.5” length gain. Now I need to cement it while improving my EQ before I turn up my program a notch.

S.O. at P.B.

Years. Plenty of us have gained 1.5+ inches in length and 1+ inches in girth, but it takes 2+ years of dedication in most cases.

I am hoping to hit the 1.5 inches of gain mark soon, then I will switch to girth. I have been PEing on and off for two years. Wish me luck.

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Nice gains WF.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Originally Posted by marinera

Checked this :

Penis Enlargement Statistics Site ?

I’ve checked it but to me it’s just an overflow of data, I was just hoping to get a few words from like 1”+ gainers and how long it took.

"Aww man I shot marvin in the face"

September 08: E nbp L:6.9/G: 4.8

Goal: E nbp 7.6X5.5

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