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Big Flaccid Gains


Interesting thread, I think I’ve done this actually, without even thinking about it. Everytime I felt the stretch was loose, I stretched it more. I’ve stopped doing fowfers now for a while since my penis-head kind of hurt from it, better start doing them again now to try it.

I have an awesome desk based job for fowfers =)

Originally Posted by hmmmz
I have an awesome desk based job for fowfers =)

Boss: “What are you doing with your hand down your pants?”
You: “Uh.. I dropped my pen.”
Boss: “In your pants?”
You: “Uh, ya.. My pen is in my pants.”
Boss: “Well, your report had better not be in there too.”

Read it right and technically you’re not lying.

Originally Posted by turboballs
My balls go to the right and dick to the left. As this is a natural limp hang for me. I do try to get some time with my dick to the right, but my balls do not like that to much. So I can not get much time in without a break. Just move your shit around and build up the time. Fowfers work!

Thanks for your help man!


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