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Best way to warm up and down

Best way to warm up and down

This has probably been brought up before but I just had a brain wave on how to warm up in a subtle way so your mum/dad/girlfriend/flatmate doesn’t ask awkward questions about the rice sack you keep putting in the microwave, or the hot water bottle you always have (even in the summer), or whichever way you warm up and down.

A nice hot cup of tea!!

Yep just get a nice cup of tea (you can tell I’m English right?) take it up to your room and then just press it against your unit slowly rotating it to get nice coverage around it’s circumference!! I’ve found that it helps not to fill it up to the top to avoid spilling boiling hot tea on my balls!! Lol

Yeah that is the risk of this technique but I have finally found a way of doing warm ups in my room when my mum is in!!

That’s all really just a bit of a real through for me!! What techniques have you guys found??


I can see you are very inventive. However I would be wary of pouring boiling water over my most sensitive parts indeed!

Maybe you could get an IR-lamp? Then you would only have to flick a switch.
(Actually I think I should get one myself.)

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Hahaha, I warmed up today with a cup of tea, too…!

How about going to the bathroom, wrap a hot cloth around your penor for 5-10 minutes. Afterward go to your room and continue your session. When done, repeat for warm down. Otherwise buy an IR lamp.

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The problem I have been having with using a cloth is that the cloth stops being hot after a few seconds so in practice, I am in the bathroom for much longer than 5-10 minutes because I have to keep reheating it.

The tea idea sounds good although potentially very nasty for reasons already mentioned

Is it possible to use a sock? Like iron it with steam and wrap up?

Fill a sock with rice. The rice holds moisture and releases a fuller warmth to the penis. Its the best I found.

Heat the sock in the microwave of course.

Hi thanks for the reply’s as I said the risk of burning yourself is very low if you only put a little bit of hot water in the cup! That’s wicked Frosh! I thought I would be the first to use this technique but apparently not haha. What is an IR lamp? Where would I get one?

And yes I have tried the hot wrap but I don’t have hot water half the time and it causes much more mess and is very time consuming..

The rice in a sock would raise questions from my mum that I live with “why do you keep putting a sock with rice in it in the microwave?” LOL

A hot cup of tea is the best way I have found in my circumstances it is totally unquestionable it just looks like your really into tea!!

Anybody got any other warm up techniques?

I think that IR lamp are Infra Red lamps, search on thunders and on google.

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Cool thanks man

Wicked I will check..

Any other ways of warming up/down?

Some guys suggest a cool down.

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Water bottle.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

This is just like your tea statement. I have a pot and towel in my room and heat a cup for 3 minutes in the microwave and just chill watching TV and jelq.


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