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Best way to minimize skin stretching

Best way to minimize skin stretching

I’ve noticed that over time, I’m accumulating more skin covering my glans. That is, I’m developing more foreskin. Being uncut to begin with, I want to minimize this as much as possible. It seems my unit grows much slower than my skin does, so there’s not really the option of just letting it grow in to it since I will continue to stretch the foreskin. I do all manual exercises and try to get a good grip so that I’m not pulling the skin too much, but what other ways are there of minimizing the stretching of the skin?

Damn man, just trying to think what might help..

Perhaps do your exercises one-handed, with the other keeping the foreskin in check, and although this might sound pretty tedious, it would give you the opportunity to, “grow into it.”

I think it also depends on how much your foreskin covers your glans to begin with.

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Do dry-jelqs instead than wet; retract your foreskin when stretching, grabbing your penis just below the glans.


My glans is getting more covered (not totally), too, mostly in flacid state.

I´m naturaly circumcised and I´ve never had my glans so covered. I do not want to have it totally covered…! I´ll have to workout somehow to avoid to my skin stretch too much.

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