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Best time of the day for PE

Best time of the day for PE

Any thoughts?? Most probably just do it when it is convenient and they have privacy. And I think some split their routine and do am. and pm. sessions. But if you could do it any time of the day you wanted, do you agree that mornings are best?

I hear alot about healing in an extended state which suggests the use of an ADS or wraps for many hours following a session so mornings would be necessary. Or is night time better so healing can occur even though not in an extended state?

I usually do it sometimes after my second meal. This is also when you are supposed to exercise as your testosterone peaks. Could be a coincidence but my dick just feels ready round about then.

I don’t think it makes a difference, although I always try to have a nutritive meal after my PE. Trainers always recommend to have a meal after intense physical activity to ensure nutrients for repair and recovery.

If you take any vasodilators such aspirin, L-Arginine, nitric oxide, etc, for improved blood flow then the best time to PE would be 45 mins to an hour after taking them.

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I like doing it 1st thing in the morning.

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