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Best time of day for PE

Best time of day for PE

What is the best time of day for PE? As we know, the body repairs when we sleep, and thats when the growth should happen. So is it correct to assume the best time is just before bed? Or does it not really make much of a difference. What is everyones thoughts?

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I think it is better to PE when you can, rather than NOT PE because it is not the ideal time.

That said, just before bed is not a bad approach, for the reason you cite.

I’d throw in the additional reason that most men have periodic nocturnal erections, so whatever increase you’ve gotten from your session is getting a ‘workout’ with enhanced blood flow periodically, and my guess is that could only help.

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Before bed cos when sleep your hormones produce best, or something along those lines

I usually do it before bed, that’s when I’m the most free plus it seems like an ideal time.

Whenever you find it practical. Don’t let friends, girlfriend, college or gym suffer because of PE. But still, find a way to be consistent with PE.

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Originally Posted by somastylo
Before bed cos when sleep your hormones produce best, or something along those lines


I do it in the early morning because it’s the only time i can.

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I’ve tried both morning and night and have found that results are more noticeable when I do night PE before bed.

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