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best lubes for wet jelq?


best lubes for wet jelq?

I tried a few, but I am currently using a silicone based lube that lasts a little longer…. can usually get about 100 jelqs before re applying…

has anyone tried teflon based lube? or are there any other good lube suggestions?


Nuff said.


Vaseline….’nuff said :D

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I use a little baby oil with a few squirts of vaseline hand lotion. Lasts quite awhile.

I use a thin coat of vaseline and then baby oil on top of that. The baby oil with Vitamin E seems like it’s a bit thicker. That combo lasts through my 30-minutes of jelqing.

I use Dove Soap, it has 1/4 moisturizer in it and I just put some more in my hands after 100/150 jelq, depending on if it’s needed.


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“One-quarter moisturizer” is an advertising gimmick. Soaps, by their nature, are alkaline and very drying to the skin. Have you noticed any skin problems since you’ve been using it?…r-cleansers.htm

I used Nivea Soft moisturiser. I’ve stopped using that now as I have the softest skin in the world now, and it’s rather stretchy. I’m trying to get it back to how it was!

KY is pretty rubbish unless you pair it with a dish of water to keep it slick. Then it’s pretty good. Also very good for cleanup.

The Vaseline Intensive care lotions are quite good too. I think Peforeal uses one for pumping.

From my experience what works best for me is “sweet Almond oil”.
Lasts for 30 minutes no problem.


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I can’t post threads. Why? I have read the FAQ but i can’t find out why I can’t post. Can anyone help?

BTW, in my opinion, good old vaseline or baby oil works best for wet jelqing. I’ve only had a couple of jelq sessions where I had to apply more than the first few drops.

It might be just me, but I tried pure vaseline during one of my PE workouts this week and it was disgusting how messy it was and what a bad smell it had. Plus it didn’t even lubricate my cock for a good hard workout as good as E45, which is the water based cream/lube I’ve always used for my PE workouts. Love that stuff!

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This might sound strange coming from a female, but mineral oil would work just as well as baby oil or Vaseline. Um, I was just informed that in the European countries mineral oil is paint thinner——no no no don’t go there. You want something that is a heavy baby oil. Another suggestion, Castor oil.

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Vegetable oil, whatever type you want. It isn’t mineral based, doesn’t have any additives like lanolin that some people are allergic to, and it’s cheap. I use a squeeze bottle intended for mustard. Hey, it’s going on my “hotdog”, right? :) The squeeze bottle is good because I can control the amount I’m using. It’s a little more viscous than mineral oil, too, so I don’t have to re-apply mid-workout.

I thought about trying extra-virgin olive oil. Mrs RBM said, “Go ahead, it’s the only virgin you’re getting near.” ;)

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