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Best lube to use with IR lamp

Best lube to use with IR lamp

I’m looking for the best lube for wet jelqing but I want to make sure it can be used with IR heat. I think I read some horror story about a guy using the wrong kind of lubrication while heating his dick under an IR lamp and it blistered up and stuff. So whats a safe, reliable, effective lube to use in conjunction with an IR lamp? Thanks!

What about that warming KY jelly? I’ve seen commercials for that and maybe that could be of some use?

Originally Posted by sublimefn87
What about that warming KY jelly? I’ve seen commercials for that and maybe that could be of some use?

FYI: I’ve not tried the stuff at all, but I’ve seen reports from couples that have suffered from a range of problems from the KY warming lube, from blisters to rashes, to extreme swelling and pain. This was on some couples sex forum or something, the link escapes me now, I’ll keep looking. There were also people posting that said they loved the stuff, but the large numbers of people reporting problems with it scared my wife and I off from it.

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I get enough heat from the IR lamp, I just need something that will stay slick for the time needed to jelq and won’t burn me or anything.if it’s good for the skin too thats a plus :-P

Also, what is the best way to cover your balls when using a IR light. I currently use a sock during my routine and a white t-shirt during warmup. However, my balls still get a little warm. I want to have kids in the future so I don’t wanna kill the sperm off. Is there a better way to protect the boys?

AceDuece, although I’m not technically an expert, the sperm in your testicles will only live for about 24 hours before dying and decomposing. Meanwhile, your testicles constantly produce sperm, so even if you heated your balls up for like a day or so, the next day in the least (if you take the heat away), your sperm should be fine and not deformed.


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But what happens if you expose your testes to heat 4-5 days a week for 3 years? What then? I figure I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Back to topic- Vaseline is working great for me, it doesn’t break down under heat.

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