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Best lube that complies to this criteria


Best lube that complies to this criteria

Hi I have used Durex Play and KY Jelly but hte problem are they are expensive. I have to use a lot each session because it dries up and stuff. And dipping my hand in water or sprinkling water doesnt help, just creates a different feel, and friction is not reduced.

Baby oil is no good because there is also friction and the hand doesn’t slide along the penis.

So I need a lube that is:

1. Inexpensive
2. Doesn’t require constant reapplication or is so inexpensive that it doesn’t matter
3. Makes it totally lubricated without friction



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Olive oil!

Water + xanthan gum for immediate use. For some shelf life, add some vitamin E and/or grapefruit seed extract.

THe best of the best IMHO it’s the grape seed oil. Just try it.

Originally Posted by mudbud


can this not harm your penis?

Originally Posted by joeblackny
THe best of the best IMHO it’s the grape seed oil. Just try it.

i don’t know where to get it i will look for it

edit: k i found some, will get :)

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I use Vaseline it’s good I think

ok i tried grapeseed oil and it was just as bad as baby oil, lots of friction and no real sliding, just stuttered.

i tried conditioner and it is as good as any lube i have tried, only 95 cent per bottle and lasts the longest without reapplication :)

so thank you mudbud for the suggestion.

Originally Posted by mudbud


I second that. My absolute favorite is the conditioner they include with every bottle of hair color. It’s thicker and I don’t need nearly as much. But between my wife’s hair color applications, I use Suave conditioner and am completely happy with it.

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Wet Platinum. It’s not cheap, but it is inexpensive to use, because you need very very little of it.

Albolene is not a bad suggestion either.

Then, for the mad scientists in the crowd, there is this recipe for homemade Albolene:

Gulf wax (used for canning): 1/2 of 1 bar
Petroleum jelly: 4 tbs
Mineral oil: 16 oz

Melt together the wax and petroleum jelly. Add mineral oil. Heat slowly and after it’s all blended together, pour into a container and let it stand ‘til it hardens. Melts quickly when you start to use it and just keeps getting more and more slick.

Note: I’ve never tried this myself, so caveat utilitor. But it sounds plausible, to anyone who has combined petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and mineral oil (baby oil).

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Originally Posted by Supeeerp
I use Vaseline it’s good I think

Vaseline is good and cheap

My lube of choice for sex and jacking off is KY Intrigue. Expensive but awesome. My lube of choice for PEing/jelqing is definitely Vaseline petroleum jelly.


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