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Before You PE: A Penis Inventory

My girth and length at the age 0f 18

To be honest I have a few questions? The first question I have is what’s the BEST,FASTEST, and SAFEST way to increase my girth and length by doing PE? I mean, I just turned 18 last week and I’ve stayed at 8.5 inches length and about 2 inches girth. So what should I be doing and what shouldn’t I be doing. Also what else can I do to control when I have an orgasm during sex, and how long my erections last?

My opinion is you shouldn’t bother with PE at that size. Spend your time at the gym or taking classes or hitting on women or something. If you do decide to PE, following the newbie routine is your best bet for increases in girth and length.

As far as orgasm control and erection quality, you might try three things. First, make your masturbation sessions longer; when you approach orgasm, slow down, and keep going. This will teach you to last longer, and will increase your erection endurance. Second, consider a light jelqing or pumping routine for increased erection quality. Third, consider using a Fleshlight or similar other device to desensitize your cock somewhat.

If you have serious problems maintaining your erection at age 18, though, you should probably be seeing a doctor about that.

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Well it’s not so much as that I can’t maintain an erection or so much as a thing of sensitivity. But there have been times where I’ve known myself to orgasm with my girlfriend and just keep going or I’ll still be hard afterward and I wanna know how I can keep the erection after having an orgasm. But it’s more or so the thickness of my penis rather than the length. So what would be a light jelqing routine that would best help me with the girth of my penis at my age and length because as of right now the girth of it is the same as a bratwurst. So what should I do?

As a newbie, perhaps the most appropriate routine for you may indeed be the Newbie Routine.

Located in big capital letters at the top of the front page in the Newbie Forum, with the heading START HERE - NEWBIE ROUTINE

You can also get very important information in there, such as the Forum Guidelines, PE video series, the PE manual, help on using the Search feature, and the FAQ.

You may find it easier to just post your questions in here, instead of reading the Newbie Info section. Good thing there are vets on about 24/7 to hang out in here and type out responses to questions like ’ I’m a Newbie to PE. What Routine should I do?’ :up:

Happy gaining bud, and good luck on your PE journey.

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Excellent thread PG. Required reading for anyone who wants to do PE.

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I wish this thread had been here when I first got started. Thank you PG!

Regarding measuring, I would emphasize that people should use the same ruler each time they measure. Not all bone pressed measurements are the same. Ruler width and thickness vary, and these factors can affect how far one can push in the ruler before hitting “bottom.”

I also recommend holding the ruler sideways—so that its width runs up and down. The pubic symphysis (the target of the ruler in bone-pressed measurements) is an angled structure. It is farthest forward at the top, and then recedes back inwardly the lower you go. One frequent consequence of PE is to loosen the supporting ligaments that connect the pubic symphysis to the shaft of the penis. Looser ligaments open the space between the shaft and the pubic symphysis, allowing the ruler to be inserted lower, and thus deeper, during bone pressed measurements.

Looser ligaments can therefore result an an artificially inflated bone pressed measurement. Holding the ruler sideways helps to ensure that part of the ruler always hits the most forward part of the pubic symphysis, and thus helps to minimize this effect. Needless to say, it is essential that the penis always be held at the same angle, which ideally is at right angles to the body while standing.

I would also suggest that people take note of one additional factor before beginning PE—hair on their penis. There is considerable debate as to whether increases in penis length are accompanied by skin growth. Personally, I have always believed that my skin grew to accommodate my increased girth, but not my increased length. Consequently, I now notice during erections that hair is growing down the length of my shaft by an amount that I think approximately equals the amount that I’ve gained. It would be helpful to know whether others are having the same experience.

Try to measure how far down the length of your penis hair is growing, and keep track of this number as you gain.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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Thanks for this post Para- G. I am now a registered a newbie after being a long time lurker (possibly up to two years of lurking, I can’t be too sure). This is my first post.

I finally have some free time on my hands and am ready to give PE a go. I think your advice may turn out to be invaluable

I have one suggestion. Someone on this forum has said how important it is to keep a diary, or a record, of your routine and measurements as you progress through PE.

Has anyone on this forum worked up a Excel spreadsheet or template for recording all the things you mention in this post?

Great post Para.


Starting stats:- Dec11th2008 7.2"bpelx6" meg.Mar23rd09 8.375"bpel x 6.125"meg. Mar10 8.4" bpelx6.125" meg.

Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

Thanks for this post, Para-Goomba. It’s clear, easy and very useful.

Good info

Wow, this is really good information. I kinda got started jumping around in here and didn’t really pay attention on how to correctly measure. Thanks again for the good information.

Hooray! 10 stars. Thank you for this info!


I’m just getting started. Thanks for all of the information. Your explanation of measurements has been a tremendous help.

Thanks Man! A good start for me by reading this first.


Muchas gracias por estos consejos.

Soy novato y estoy muy interesado en el PE. Acabo de realizar un formato en excel para llevar el control.

Good post! +1! :)


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