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Balance between starting now and learning more

Balance between starting now and learning more

I am a total newbie and have just started reading and getting to know more. I wanted to ask your advice on whether I should start as soon as possible or if I should instead read as much as I and expand my knowledge before. I am of course eager to get started, but also don’t want to ruin my chances of getting great gains in the beginning. I’ve read some progress reports and seen how some have gotten really great gains. One that especially got my attention is ERambones progress report (thread id 84628). He has pretty much the same starting size as me and I just want to use this initial time as best I can. Am I over-exaggerating the importance of the start?

Does anyone know what people that get great gains have in common?

I don’t know. I kind of feel like a kid that walks into a candy store.. I don’t know where to start. I didn’t know something like this was possible and I have always had such problems with my member. Oh god. I just don’t want to mess it up.

As I’m sure others will recommend, why don’t you just start the Newbie Routine? It is solid. (Search for it, or find one of several links in FAQs or in the Newbie forum.)

Why don’t you just learn and start PE at the same time? A lot of learning happens as you do the routine. There is a wealth of information in the forums, but you’ll need to learn a lot about yourself and your penis, too.

Slowly, but surely...

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Thanks! I think I will still leave it a bit, because I am doing some travelling in june-july and will then be hard to get around to do it. Might be better to just start after that and then I also have some time to read up. :)

Originally Posted by wasfooled
Thanks! I think I will still leave it a bit, because I am doing some travelling in june-july and will then be hard to get around to do it. Might be better to just start after that and then I also have some time to read up. :)

WELCOME wasfooled, from an APR2007 Newbie.

Yes, reading is really important and I suggest you read, read, read, and then read some more. This will become a habit and you will learn from other members questions, answers, and about the different PE programs. It will be an ongoing process where there will always be something new to read or learn.

But, my friend, GET STARTED NOW. It is easy! Don’t delay, but start while your interest is high and you are motivated to get involved. Everyone will tell you that to accomplish anything here you will have to stick with the program and be persistent!

You said you would be travelling in June-July, well you have 2 weeks left in May, so why not get started NOW? Why wait? Whether you are travelling on business or on holiday with friends or family, you can still find time to do the NEWBIE ROUTINE. First of all, it is easy, and second, the routine is short (about 15 minutes), and you can do it when you have some private time, like when you are in the shower. If anyone is around, just be sure to lock the bathroom door! :chuckle:

The NEWBIE ROUTINE can be found with the SEARCH button at the top of the screen. It consists of:
1) a 5 minutes warm-up (you can do it in the shower. If time is a problem, you can cut the time to 3 minutes)
2) 5 minutes of MANUAL STRETCHES
3) 10 minutes of JELQS
4) 5 minute warm-down (you can do it in the shower and cut the time to 3 minutes).
The total workout is 15 minutes plus the total 10 minutes of warm-ups/warm-downs. Don’t you think you can find time to it? Sure you can.

And if you do this, by the time you return home, you will be almost finished with the Newbie Routine and ready to add more time to it.

To learn the PE TERMS, check the GLOSSARY OF PE TERMS (or maybe it is PE FACTS AND GLOSSARY). Also check out QUICK START GUIDE TO PE.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS: It is not necessary that you know how to do all of the exercises, so check out the videos for ONLY the ones used in the Newbie Routine. 1) MANUAL STRETCHES, and 2) JELQ. You can do this and get started on the routine before you leave in June. :)

EVERYONE starts PEing by doing the NEWBIE ROUTINE. You do this routine for 1 to 2 months, during which time you are “conditioning your penis.” Then, you can add additional time to the stretches, and more repetitions to the Jelqs, and eventually go on to more advanced routines and programs.

Now, I think you will agree that you can start immediately? right? :up:

When you have the chance, complete your PE Statistics so that you can keep a record of your progress and gains. It is also EASY. Click the “quick links” button at the top, then click PE Statistics.

Again WELCOME, Good Luck, and may your dream PE goals be fulfilled.


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