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back again for the first time

back again for the first time

Hi guys,

Well I have been reasing on here for days now and I got a headache lol

Well I found my LOT to be at 8pm…so I’m kinda dissapointed

I’ve tried PEing before but failed because I seen it as time consuming messy (I do not know how u can dry Jeuling) I’ve only been able to do it off and on…..but now I know I need to be commited

one day into it and I already got the constant hard ons again.

I do have some questions though….it seems like masterbating afterward is counter productive because then the blood leaves where otherwise the penis just stays filled and wouldn’t it get use to growing faster?

Then with manual streching instead of stretching for 10 sec and letting it go….what is the purpose of letting it go….I normally keep it stretched and just keep stretching clockwise or so.

From what I’ve read it seems that the only way to get real lenth is to hang….and well I’ve always been afraid of hanging.

One of the things that suprised me is the time some people send to PE hanging for hours and so on…I was hoping to be able to get a program working 20-30 min in the morning to get some real gains

I like this BPEL measuring though ….I go from 5.5-5 7/8 to 6 1/4 … feeling like I’m cheating lol
Then my EG is 4.5

I’ve always been “satisfied” with my size it seemed ok and with the blue vitaim and some tech. positions sex always seemed to be great for the females….but the last couple it’s only been oh hum.

I took the blue pill and with it, sometimes I can’t cum without tremendous work….and I didn’t cum one timeand neither did she and she was like what is it….am I not tight enough? Oh fuck u bitch lol it is u and your loose ass what r u using a 10” dildo?!? ….lol I didn’t say it…. I could tell she felt bad…but if she said shit I would been…..well I think u know where I’m going with it…..then the other girl, well it really wasn’t that tight! I was in no normal mans land.

So now my goal it to get to 7.5 Bpel and 5.25EG well in the short term goal 2-4 months……part of that is because I was messin around with this college chick and I asked her the perfect size and she said 7ish but liked girth more….and of course thinking I could enlarge it I said I was 7 DOH!….since BPEL seems like cheating I wanted to go 7.5

and incase anyone was wondering she said the biggest she saw was bout 8 and the smallest about the size of the palm of her hand or 3” and she didn’t do anything with him cuz it was scary and so small.

LOL not sure what to expect from posting this but I hope it was at least entertaining lol

Welcome to the boards, G._Lantern!

Feels good to get all that off your chest, doesn’t it? Now I hate to be a grammar nazi but i have to go ahead and ask you to do me favor and read this for me when you get a minute. Thanks, bro.

Don’t worry that your LOT is at eight. It’s high enough that you can still see some “easy” gains from your ligs but then you’ll have the chance to build a real tree trunk when you get into tunica work. Trust me, tunica work is a beautiful thing. If it were up to me, everyone to work it. When you’re stretching those tissues, go for 30 seconds and release. It’s easier to break up your sets that way, and attack each individual stretch with more motivation and energy. Since you’re just starting PE a 20-30 minute routine will probably be more than enough. The brutal routines are generally for guys that have exceptionally tough fibers or are very far along in their PE career. When you get there you can fight that battle. For now just worry about a basic routine.

Masturbation? There’s no evidence that says it hurts and there’s none that says it helps. I do it, and have had no negative side effects from it. I can’t see why you shouldn’t do it :)

It’s late and I’m beat. If I missed something dont be shy about asking questions. Cheers!

Congratulations on finding your way back to the light. Keep with it as you will definately see results over time.

come on spell check and proof read. I quit reading your post half way through.

but on a couple things you mentioned. BP measuring seems like cheating, but it is the only way to get accurate measurements. you might gain or loss weight thus changing the size of your fat pad. and the pubic bone supplies a starting point for measuring that doesn’t move. PE is a game of 1/8ths of an inch, if you don’t measure bp how can you sure the gain came for pe and not just moving the ruler a little bit further back.

as far as your training time, some people make gains with 20 min of work. with that amount of time I would concentrated on length first. It is a theory that the less girth the easier it is to make length gains. Spend the whole 20 min stretching and I recommend an ads you can wear the rest of the day.
And about hanging, People hang so long because it is a low intensity form of stretching. With stretching you pull really hard for short periods of time, but you don’t know how hard. hanging is less force then stretching for a longer period of time and you know exactly what force your using. Try stretching for a few months and see if you get gains before moving on to hanging and do a lot of reasearch before you try hanging. hanging is very time consuming.

OK I am sorry I should of used spell check and not of used slang….I didn’t bother to think that people from other countries would not have the easiest time reading my posts.

But I appreciate your guys feedback

It’s not that big a deal I’ve seen much worse in other forums

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