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Average rate of progression?

Average rate of progression?

For the newbie routines, is there an average rate of improvement within a certain amount of time? I want to know if I’m doing this stuff correctly (in percentages or in raw numbers) and want to see how I’m doing.

There is no percentage that will give you an idea of how long it will take before you see gains. Think of pe like bodybuilding, everyone is different, so gain quicker then others and some are hardgainers, you wouldn’t expect to build a body like sergio olivia overnight, the same applies to pe.

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Hm… how little of change indicates I’m doing this stuff wrong? So far, it’s all reading, any links to videos or anything. I’ve been doing this stuff on and off, and many sites have different routines. I just want to know if there is “bad” or “inefficient” progression?

Ok,if that question can’t be answered, how about this one; how do I know if I had a good jelq for that day?

Josefo, after a session of jelquing, your penis should have a “feeling” of fullness, heaviness, there should be a marked increase in your hang, and generally be thicker. These effect should last a while afterwards. These are all visual-indicating results of a successful jelq session.

You might have a feeling of soreness, depending on how your intensity level for the jelq session was.

You also must be consistent with the routines and schedules, meaning that do do them, not just one here, one two days later, then a day off, then two sessions twice the next day, then a few days off, then a workout again. Try to stick to a routine, and to also put in the effort into your routine.

You should give yourself a reasonable time period to assess your routines before dismissing them as ineffective. Or, you are no longer being stimulated to gains with your current routine, and may need to freshen it up.

Try a routine for a while, give it a chance, and see for yourself then if you need to change anything.

There are many factors that are involved in the “science” of PE that work towards yielding you results.

Stay dedicated, eh!

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to TRY to answer, which like was said already, doenst mean jack shit (cuz everyone is different).

but from the PE gains board, calculating the average gains/month came out to:

about .08 inches length gain per month
about .05 inches girth gain per month <—— not sure about this. Cant remember exactly.


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