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Aussie PEers!

im from queensland


Welcome to Thunder’s Place mate!

I’m not trying to rain on your parade, but please try to do the right thing and read the forum guidelines (found it the faq section, top right of the page), especially the section on Language and Style.

There are many member from non- English speaking backgrounds and correct grammar and capitalisation will help them to understand what the hell you are talking about!

This has been a Community Service Announcement.:chuckle:

Are any aussie PE’ers interested in a clan get together at some point in the future?

Myself and Penine met up in Sydney city a few weeks ago and it was an interesting experience.

I am wondering if anybody would like to join us the next time we meet up? Just incase you would like to meet some members in the real world for a change of pace :D


Pe Nine told me that he was planning to meet you, but I was (and still am for at a few months) too busy to meet, but after that (maybe near the end of the year), sure thing.

Sounds good andrew… this may become a regular event :D

Another Aussie here, from Sydney (livin’ in London). Just starting out, been some cool info on here, on a whole bunch of topics. ;)

Your on.

Welcome to Thunder’s mate!

This thread is ancient, but thought I would reactivate it and bring the Aussies out of the woodwork! It is good to be back here after quite a spell.

I am from Perth.


Hey Ant!

How you going??

Have seen you around for a looong time :D

Still here and still in Australia! What, you’re surprised?

Victoria here.

I believe one of the moderators, “secjay”, is from Australia…


Originally Posted by secjay

Still here and still in Australia! What, you’re surprised?

Im surprised you havent been locked up for some kind of offence :D

Originally Posted by GlandMaster
I believe one of the moderators, “secjay”, is from Australia…


The preceeding post has been translated into “Strine” for our members “Down Under”, as a public service:

Originally Posted by GlandMaster
Gidday, cobbah, owyergaan!

Strewth, moite!, Wunnuv’yer bloody zoo-keepahs heah, “seccie” zan Ozzie!


haha very funny glandmeister.


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