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Arginine and mental acuity

Arginine and mental acuity

I have some questions about taking arginine. I am going to start taking L-arginine tomorrow but I have doubt related to a comment I read in this forum. A member says arginine is very bad for mental acuity. Are there anyone who experienced something like that ? Considering the good effects on blood vessels , I think it must be beneficial for brain too. But am I thinking so simple? Are there different factors ? It is very important for me please write your comments.

Other question, I read people here takes 5 g a day. In my country there are only 500 mg capsules and it offers only 1 capsule a day in prospectus. Do I have to take 10 capsules a day ? Why this much dose? Doesn’t it work if I take 500mg a day?

And I wonder are herbal arginine and arginine HCL different? There is GNC arginine and solgar arginine here. Which one do you offer?

GNC arginine is cheaper but it is written that arginine hcl is unacceptable in this site


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I have takin arginine in the form of no2 at gnc when I would work out, the only affect I noticed was what it said it would do

As I posted in a thread two months ago, I think 4 to 6 tables (max) a day is the best solution (if one table is 500 mg). The benefits are increases of erections and cum loads, and also resistance. But be careful to headache: you have to drink a lot of water with L-Arginine’ tables and eat fruits and vegetables, to give to your body the right amount of vitamins. This worked well for me. Take arginine 5 days on / 2 days off (to don’t get used to the supplement). Hope that helps.

I want more. For myself only.

Don’t get used to it? Like cycle on and off?

Originally Posted by newnew997
Don’t get used to it? Like cycle on and off?

Yes, cycle of 5 days on and 2 off. I read that it works better

I want more. For myself only.

Thanks, I am goin to have to try that

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