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Are most newbie gains simply "recoveries"


I think that my newbie gains were definitely recovering what was already there from when I was younger. Not that I was complaining! This is one type of newbie gain. I think a fair few people get these, especially us older PEers (damn I am only 33:P) and trust me a hard penis is worth more than an extra soft half inch when it comes to sex.

I also think that there is probably quite a few people who have not lost anything (either young, very healthy, or just fortunate) yet also have not got to 100% of their current attainment, simply because they haven’t stretched themselves out properly to give themselves maximum extension. These people can gain that initial extra after a small period of time. These are what I first thought was meant as newbie gains.

I think for a lot the above two gains blend into each other. On one hand, who cares how it happens as long as it happens! The worst thing that can happen is that you get a nicely conditioned penis that is healthy and ready for slow and steady regular gains. That is were I am now. The gains are smaller but are far more satisfying due to the long term commitment and ‘beyond your physical ability’ nature.

I have been wondering this exact same thing myself. It seems there could be a very sizable portion of the population that was simply suffering, from whatever fundamental cause, from some form or degree of ED; and that perhaps the benefit of all the PE exercise simply proved to be an effective therapy.

I also do question the veracity of gains (not what the posters are reporting), just whether the gains are due to PE or to actual normal penile growth, when the posters are young. I’ve read that the penis can grow well into the 20’s, just as other body parts can.

One pat answer is that we may never know. Unless there were a scientifically performed experiment, like a double blind study, one in the general population that is NOT affiliated with a PE site, and one from members here, that could establish the frequency and magnitude of both ED and normal penile growth in the sample, it’s a bit of an impossible question. Great question, but really difficult to address.

That being said, the effectiveness of a PE routine should doubtless be truly relevant only to the man doing it ; in other words, if it works for you, PE works.


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