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Anything I can do?

Anything I can do?

I was just wondering, being something of a newbie to PE, whether it was possible to only increase length, instead of both length and thickness.
I’m 6” in circumference naturally, without anything to help me, (apart from regular masturbation - can that affect it?)
Since this kind of restricts me from certain ‘activities’, that my girlfriend refuses to do because of my width, I’m wondering whether it would be possible to only increase length, as i dont want to get much bigger. I’m currently around the 6” mark, and would like to get up to around 8”, maybe bigger, if possible. i’m not to ken on the idea of pumps and hanging, so if manual stretches and that kinda thing will work, please let me know…

Thanks for your time…

I guess (though I’m no vet here) that stretching might work for length. Could it increase girth - I’m not sure! I know hanging is supposed to increase girth, so I’d imagine stretching might do the same.

What say guys? In any case I bet the girth increase is far more in case of jelq/squeezes…

I think that if you are at the point where girth is limiting some things you would like you have a choice. find a new girlfriend or work solely on length.

I recommend the latter because you can always work on girth later if you decide to. stretching or hanging is probably what you should do. Avoid jelqs and squeezes at least for now. In some cases hanging and stretching has added a small amount of girth at the base.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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