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anyone went too far...

anyone went too far...

Did any of you guys here any stories of guys who go too big from doing all this?

I mean, do some people get addicted to the growth, and want to keep growing well beyond what some would say is too big?

The guys here actually show a lot of restraint and set goals that they are serious about stopping at. Once they reach it they sometimes go on a minimal maintenance program to assure there is no partial loss of size. Some get close and perhaps stop before they make it there, for any number of reasons. Some reach their goal and then decide they would like to tack on some more length and/or girth. So they continue on. Many give up early once they realise growth doesn’t come easily, or that they just don’t have the time .Then there are some in the same mindset as I am who want to get as big as they can get and will always PE and will never give up trying to grow.

I guess by too big you mean too big for women? Women come in various sizes like men do, so it depends on the SO if he is married or in a serious relationship. Many guys base their decision on when she says enough. The growth is so slow from PE that the wife/girlfriend may actually adapt as the husband/boyfriend grows. So the bar keeps getting raised. Lucky for me my wife hasn’t said anything about limits and she knows I want it huge. Size matters to her, but it’s not important to her. I think she has size queen eyes so she’s not opposed to my PE wishes and seems rather interested in it. On the other hand, sometimes she tells me I’m crazy, so go figure. I would say that if a guy is single, why not shoot for the moon if he intends to be sleeping with many women. If a woman has been with several guys it seems she almost always has either been with a thick one and/or long one. By becoming the biggest you will be the big guy the other guys find out about. If a single guy becomes very big then there will be some women that won’t like it (too big), but there will be many who will be enthralled by it.

I don’t think many have stayed with PE long enough or wanted to become “well beyond what some would say is too big”. There are some guys that start off already big, but are looking to become very big or huge. Sometimes it’s because a woman or women weren’t that impressed, or because he knows there are bigger guys out there.

The best answer to your question is that it’s relative to what is too big for women. Even if it is too big for her physically, mentally she still could be turned on by a huge salomi in her hand and the challenge of using it. No clearcut answer to your question.

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed but EVERYONE wants a 1/2” more..

Take Hore HUng, perfect example the guy wants a 1/2 more to round it out to 1ft !

haha. I was just talking to this girl as i was reading your replies, and she tells me to go for as big i can go. She likes the ideas of huge penises. I gave a random, oversized example of 2 feet, and she said go for it. I said i wouldn’t be able to fit in women ever again, and she said it doesnt matter, just stick whatever you can in. That would be incredibly insane, and I don’t think I’m going for 2 feet. lol

Yeah, Pabs,

I keep waiting for the Mrs. to say “enough.” She just keeps adjusting to it. Doggy style angle, though, it has been pointed out to me, does not require the full length—probably more like 9+”. She sure as hell is not complaining, though. :angel:



Are we talking about “eye candy” here? :chuckle:


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