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anyone try this

anyone try this

i have been doing o bends during my jelqing session. i warm up, stretch then start jelqing jelq for 30 or so strokes then do a o bend then back to jelqing do this 3 or 4 times, cool down. i feel like i get so much more expansion after the bends and during the jelq. i have noticed a thicker flaccid and erect cock, erections have been super hard. has anyone tried something like this before.

Yes, I never just do straight out jelqing, to be honest I find jelqing really boring but I personally love stretches, horse 440’s and o bends. I also find that mixing in the various techniques gives me better initial results, although my gains are minimal but that is more from lack of commitment on my part. I am now into my third week of a consistent PE routine and I have to say I wish I was this dedicated all those years ago when I first started but better now than never.


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