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Anyone tried this exercise

Anyone tried this exercise

Hi everybody! I’ve been a member here for a while, but just stuck to browsing the forums mostly. This is actually my first post, so that’s cool I guess.

Well I wanted to ask if anyone had tried a form of jelqing I have been doing recently, or if anyone has heard of it at least. What I do is I do a regular jelq, 2-3 seconds, and when my hand gets to the top I kind of bend it forward, and use my other jelqing hand to straighten it out as it goes up. Then when that hand gets to the top I repeat, keeping the 2nd hand at the top and starting a new jelq, and I just repeat. I’ve noticed that it really fattens up my penis while doing it, so I would assume it would produce greater gains. Any comments on this would be appreciated, because I would like to know if this may hurt me in the long run or anything. Thanks!

Hi Goes,

Well no-one seems to have tried this routine, so it looks as if you will have to be your own expert.

Just to remind you though that bending while erect is not good, but if you are bending half erect that shouldn’t do any harm,providing you are not trying to double it over in the bend.

It’s just a case if you want to go along with it to take notes and if you have any extra gains from doing it then let us all know. But make sure you are not getting any extra soreness, or if anything unusual happens then stop immediately.

Good luck.


Thank you very much.

I do not do erect jelqs. I do not think I have enough experience to do those, nor do I think I ever will try them. I jelq at about 30-40% erectness, I feel that allows the best expansion. And I also don’t bend it in half, just a slight bend forward. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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