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Anyone Have This Problem

Anyone Have This Problem

OK I will separate this into two parts:

1) I pre-cum a LOT. When I become aroused by my girlfriend, if enough time goes by, I can pre-cum straight through boxers and sweats, visibly at least. Now when I am having sex, the condom is fine at first, but when my pre-cum builds up inside and lubes my penis so that it is slick and the vagina gets basically dryer then the inside of the condom, it starts to slip. And I don’t blame this on girth, because I have a good enough girth to hold on a condom.

2) Also.. When I first put the condom on, it was tight, and after having sex for 15 minutes or so, it seemed like since it was not as lubed inside of her as it was before, the condom had stretched out a little bit, so it seemed looser fitting. Is this possible or did I just need to give my penis a second to refill with blood.

Any comments are appreciated!

Well simple solution

Nice it seems you are equiped with a penis. It works this way, one simple solution to your problem is to change condom after awhile or find one that you can tie on behind your back… When changing condom you also have a perfect moment for restimulation of your girlfriend! Making her wet again. It’s strange that she get more dry while you fuck?! Change position more often…
One more thing, do alot more foreplay on her!! Make her really wet and hot, give her some orgasms before you go on with intercourse…

Just my way of making love

Big bent going bigger straighter

Thanks for the reply man. I think she loses wetness because I don’t really give her time to get really wet and what not. We normally don’t have a secure place to have sex in.. So it seems better to just get it done :) I just use spit or lube otherwise.

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