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Anyone have this experience?

Anyone have this experience?

I have been on this site for almost a year. Back last December, I started the typical newbie routine once and bumped up the intensity too soon and as a result, My erections were never “full” as they were before, and they usually get pretty hard. To the point where it won’t bend down much.

I started jelquing again last week and I have found once again that I’ve had some good sessions, however the erections have not been as full. Almost as though not enough blood is flowing to the proper places. Now, I have been masturbating a lot and I usually end up doing it on off days and right after a session. I’m thinking this needs to stop so that I have more “build up.”

My routine has been 5 min wrap
5 min stretch
10-15 minute jelq (60-70% erection) 3-5 seconds
5 min hot wrap
50 Kegles

2 on/ 1 off

Today, my session was crap compared to others. What does anyone recommed I do. I did not ejaculate today, and I am going to limit that from now on…

I KNOW the last time this happened it was because I overworked my penis. And after about 2.5 months and no jelqing, my erections were back to normal.

Any ideas??



I’ve found erection levels aren’t as good if I’ve been overdoing PE, that’s a good sign to tone down the intensity.

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Originally Posted by JYD
I KNOW the last time this happened it was because I overworked my penis. And after about 2.5 months and no jelqing, my erections were back to normal.

Any ideas??



I believe you answered your own question. It sounds like a classic case of over training your sex tool.

I use erection quality to prevent over training…ie. If my erection quality starts to fade, that tells me I am over training and I will cut back on my PE a bit so my erection quality will improve.

Hope this helps;

Doing more kegels helped me with erection quality

Try 1 day on 1 day off for a while and see if that suits you. It sounds like what happens when you are overworking it. Lay off the masturbating too much too. You can also try doing the kegels apart from your PE. Kegels in the morning and PE in the evening.

I have noticed that I’ve been getting some good squeezes in there and the intensity has been a bit high. I guess I need to not squeeze so hard when I jelq at this point. However, it feels natural to want to jelq hard. I reason that the harder and more intense, the more bloodflow to the capillaries, the more the veins are pumped, and hence more growth. This is probably the wrong mindset.

I guess what your saying is that starting out (I wet jelq btw), one should do just enough to see the bloodflow going to the glans and flow back down before the next stroke pushes it up again. But not to squeeze so hard that it feels like the head wants to pop off…Not at first at least.

How many days should I take off before I try to pick it up again? Once I do that, I’ll start off the the one on and one off for about 2-3 weeks, then pick it up to 2 on and 2 off and so forth.

Again, I’m only doing as many strokes as I can within 10 minutes. It doesn’t seem like 200 because every stroke is 3-5 seconds, no less.

I’ve read and read and watched the videos, so I don’t believe it can be anything else other than my grip or squeeze being too much too soon, but then again, when I’m done and it looks pumped with a good hang, then I feel like I’ve done it right.

Any other comments would be greatly apprecited. MANY thanks to those who have responded, I will follow the advice.


I’ve had the same experience as Redwood. If you work it too hard, it’s going to demand rest. You can either give it rest on your terms (take a day off or lower the intensity) or it will take rest on it’s own terms (erectile weakness).


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