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anyone else suffer from this?

anyone else suffer from this?

I have two problems. The first one is I have descent sized balls, but they are very empty. This probably means I have a low sperm count. If it is because of a low sperm count, is there any way to bring my sperm count up. I also shoot a small watery load. Or is there another reason why they are like this?

Secondly, from about mid-shaft back to the base of my penis it is really skinny compared to the rest of my penis. Is this because of bad circulation? I wish I knew how to fix these two problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Suggestion: See a urologist and ask for a sperm analysis. Simple test, not very costly, with some element of fun in it for you (the procurement part). You may be very happily surprised at the results.

If it does turn out that you have a low count, there are drugs which can be prescribed for you to increase your count, but I suggest you not take them until you are actively trying to father a child.

Men, fertile or infertile, shoot between 2.0 - 6.0 ml on average. Even 4.0 ml is less than a teaspoon.

As for the watery factor, do an experiment and vary the times between ejaculations - frequent, like every day or so and then wait five or six days. You may notice a difference in consistency.



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