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Anyone else have this issue

Anyone else have this issue

I’m in my 5Th week of PE now and I started out with 1 day on, 1 day off, 1 day on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off routine of 5-10 min manual stretches and then 10-15 min of power jelqs with a few standard jelqs just to mix it up. I always do a warm wrap before and after for 5 min each. I seemed to get more response from the power jelq but now do more standard just so I can learn it.

Anyways, the first 2-3 weeks were great. I immediately had a great response from the man downstairs. I was more fluffed when flaccid and the hang was great. After 4 weeks of PE, the wife noticed I was bigger during sex (probably due to the fact that I had a cock ring on during sex which gave me this freaking’ massive pump). It was also the first time we’d had sex since starting PE. She was pretty shocked that the PE stuff really works and that I could grow my penis. I have to say, she was into the sex and she hasn’t been in years. She was almost giggly. In fact, I’ve been a great disappointment to my wife in the sex department and our marriage was on the rocks so for the last 3 years it’s pretty much been a sexless marriage (once every 3 months or so and it sucks when it does happen due to my premature ejaculation in about 3 seconds of entry). That’s another story for another day. I’m here because I believe PE can change my life.again, another story for another day.’s the problem. I switched to a 2 on, 1 off routine because I felt broken in and ready to move onto the next level. I didn’t add any exercises or time to my workouts.just added another day. Although, I have started doing more standard jelqs whereas when I first started I did mostly power jelqs because I couldn’t get a good pump from a standard jelq. I started doing more standard because I felt like I was missing something by not doing standard and I didn’t want to start with what is considered an advanced technique. My flaccid hang is not at all what it was during the first 2 weeks of PE (not as fluffed throughout the day) and I’m not getting as good a pump as I was when I first started. Is this normal? Have you guys had this happen? Does this mean I’m overdoing it? If I am, dang, you wouldn’t think that 2 on, 1 off would be over training.or does it mean I need to step it up a notch even more with a 3 on, 1 off? I felt like I was gaining. My dood felt bigger but now I feel like I’ve lost it. My standard jelqing does seem to be improving because I felt alot more internal pressure today when doing them. I also have red spots on the head of my penis now from the workout. I don’t think I get carried away with intensity either. It seems the standard jelq gives me the red spots on the head and occasionally I would get a couple red spots on the shaft from the power jelqs during those initial 3 weeks but never on the head.

Any ideas?

Beginning stats:

6 1/4” BPEL
4 7/8” EG

After 4 Wks:

6 1/2” BPEL (I may have been this when I started because I believe I was measuring incorrectly)
5 1/16” EG

Something does seem to be working and you haven’t injured yourself. It’s only been five weeks. Some guys don’t see gains for months and you’ve gotten some. The red spots are not unusual after manual jelqs, especially when you first start doing them.

Don’t worry about what the flaccid looks like. There are many things that can affect its appearance. Keep doing what you’re doing. Add some Kegels if you aren’t already doing them and concentrate on making it stronger for better sex (which you’ve identified as a problem). Bigger will come, perhaps a bit later, but stronger first is the usual way things go.


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