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anybody know why?

anybody know why?

this doesnt really have anything to do with PE but i need help. My penis when erect doesnt “stand” like it should. It gets fully hard but just kinda hangs. If I flex my PC i can get it to “jump” and if I hold my PC it will stand a little farther out but as soon as I relax it falls back down. Is there any reason as to why this is happening?

Welcome to Thunders jshar.

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thank you

That’s ok. For some people it points up, for some - down. It depends on the shape of your tunica.

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I had no clue it had anything to do with the shape of tunica. I thought it was all PC muscle influenced.

It’s probably a combination of things, but perhaps mostly suspensory ligament length. Whatever it is, you can’t do much to change it jshar32. If it gets hard and you can have sex with it, then it’s working properly. :leftie:

Mine is the same way. I think if you have a 5.5 ” cock or smaller it will tend to tend to angle up but if it is longer the blood goes to the end and it tends to droop down. I have always been like that even when I was young.

If you notice the pron stars, not many of those horse dicks stand straight out there. They use one hand to guide it into the hole. Which is okay as long as you get it in. :)

Usually the suspensory ligament can have a large effect to what I have learned. Some guys who are larger to start with can have it not come full erect like others. What are your stats now Jshar?

my stats now are EL 8.75 EG 5

I hope you realize that a 9” cock will not point to the stars when erect. You have nothing to worry about sir. Do you plan on posting pics? Is that a BP’d measurement?

Nevermind. Found it :)

Hey jshar32,

Welcome to Thunder’s, an unending library of knowlege and understanding is now at your fingertips. Just wanted to say hi. Oh, from one newbie to another, familiarize yourself with your “Shift” key and the “.” key and read over the Forum Guidlines. Just wanted to steer you right before one of the Moderaters had to break bad on you. Great to have you here and Happy Gaining!!

About your post, there are a number of things it could be, including genetics. I’ve read a couple of sights and no one seems to say what causes the penis to stand at different angles when erect. As long as it works, I wouldn’t be worried about it.



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