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Any idea when I can PE again?

Any idea when I can PE again?

I had an incision right above and to the right of my penis in which a testicular implant was put in. It’s been about a month and a week- masturbating, sports, walking, etc. don’t hurt at all. However, when I try and PE, I can definitely feel the pain. I feel it a little bit when jelqing, but more when stretching, especially to the opposite side of the incision. I feel like it is already completely healed up, so why does PEing hurt? Maybe it’s not healed up yet? Does anybody have any idea?

The normal human full recovery time is three months after a major surgical operation. Testicular implant sure as hell sounds like one to me.

Everyone is different, but the amount of damage they did to your groin area sure sounds big to me. You have two very serious things to consider:

1) The fact that you were operated on
2) The fact that a implant was planted in your testicular region

Be patient my man. Patience is the key to success!

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Three months eh? Oh well, better safe than sorry. I guess I’ll try again at the two month mark with some light PEing, and if it doesn’t hurt, gradually build up to a normal routine.

Might as well ask another question in this thread-
I was born without a testicle on the right side of my scrotum, so I don’t have much skin there to begin with. Now that I have the implant in, there is all but no give when I pull on the scrotum. The scrotum basically wraps around the tesicle pretty rightly (only on the right side where there is an implant.) Without any stretching, will the right side of my scrotum ever grow more skin because it somehow realizes that it is so tight there?

My surgeon advised me to milk, or pull down on my testicle. I’m guessing this is to stretch it but I’m not to sure. If so, will this method stretch out the skin?
What about the scrotum stretching that’s taught here, which is to pull down on the scrotum by pinching the bottom of the scortum, as opposed to pulling down on the testicle itself. Should I ever do this, or could it cause any potential complications? If not, would this stretch out the right side of my scrotum?

Alex, the scrotum can be stretched quite a lot, and permanently. Like Thatcat I would recommend waiting a good couple of months after your op. before starting. A simple way to start is to get a 1” wide leather ball strap. (These can be purchased at adult stores.) Get the softest leather you can find. It will be uncomfortable at first. Wear it for a couple of hours every few days, and allow recovery time, until you are used to it, and gradually increase the time until you can wear it all day or night. When you are used to the 1”strap and it no longer provides any tension, if you still need more slack, you can get a 1 1/2 ” or 2” strap. Like PE, ball-stretching takes time and patience.

Take it slow for sure!


The implant was done for purely a cosmetic reason, I mean it does not have any healthful purpose? Just curious…When you stretch to the opposite side you are stressing the very area where the trauma occurred, this should be avoided for at least 3mos. When the pain subsides you can certainly gain symmetry in your scrotum by stretching exercises, there are a few techniques/devices for accomplishing this end in fairly quick order. It just requires a disciplined approach, about 3 or 4 times a day for a month will get you well on your way.

Lonely- yes, puresly cosmetic. I wasn’t very comfortable with girls because of this and wanted to be a little bit more “normal” down there.

It’s good to here from a couple of you that I can stretch the skin, because it definitely sits way too high up, which makes it look even smaller than it is compared to my real testicle. By the way, It’s not only that there’s less skin there, it’s also much thinner than my left side of the scrotum, which makes it seem like it wouldn’t stretch very well. Will this be a problem?

It should not be a problem, you might want to try or you can even make your own “ball stretcher” or scrotum stretcher, if you do a google search they are sold at the various sex shops. They are like small leather belts that are added to your sack and you add multiple belts as you progress. They can be worn for long periods of time during the day and are effective at permanently adding fullness to the sack. I have never used them but have seen pictures of the results, some people have used these devices to stretch their sack half-way to their knees. There are people on the forum that have used them and perhaps they will chime in, otherwise, there maybe threads about them if you search it.

Awesome, thanks. Sorry for asking so many questions, but just want to be sure about everything. Can I wear strap or the ball stretcher on only one testicle? I don’t want my left side to stretch even more, it is already loose enough.

Bump- is it possible do wear a strap or ball stretcher on only one side of my scrotum?


I don’t think it’s possible to wear a strap or stretcher on only one side, but go ahead and try. I would wrap the stretcher around your scrotum and increase the time gradually. Your body will tell you how long you can do it. Go slow and discontinue when you are pleased with how it looks.

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