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Answers And Help From Pe Masters

Answers And Help From Pe Masters

I need some help.and advise from the people who has all the answers on the pe subject

1/ why when doing jelq and hanging or clamping you can do that for about 20 min??
2 / but using a extender you have to do that the whole day?so people who are not using an extender are not getting the same results?

My routine is 2 or 3 hours at a day stretching with my own home made extender which I can make easily longer in lenght when in use and using the
V stretch.,,,,,,,,,,,,and make a halve cm

I doubt there are ‘PE Masters’ - better speaking of ‘vets’, IMO.

Anyway, there isn’t any maximum time for jelqs.

1) Clamping and hanging (with a clamp style hanger) cuts the blood flow; this reduced blood flow is dangerous if too prolonged. That’s why the ‘20 minutes’ rule.

2) No. On a clinical report, people have shown gains wearing the extender for 2-4 hourse daily for 4-6 months.

An extender applies less force over the same amount of time than a hanger or a clamp. This means 2 things.

After 20 minutes of hanging you need to unwrap and check for blood flow. While you do need to monitor your circulation with an extender, it is no where near as dangerous as unmonitored hanging/clamping.

With an extender you need more time doing it to get the equivalent stretch to 20 minutes in a hanger.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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